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Five Reasons People Are Always Late

Time management always seems like a stress for most people. It becomes an even bigger irritation if another person has to be the one waiting for a person who is always late. Whether it is being late for meetings, dates or just a regular friends appointment, being late usually has the same common reasons.

1. Not Leaving Early

This is normally the traffic jam excuse or the puncture excuse or something happened along the way excuse. Not leaving early enough leaves opportunity for incidences which though regular can then eat up on one’s ability to make it on time for appointments. It is always better to leave early and arrive early to avoid traffic jams. A person who leaves early to go for their appointment will avoid most disturbances or rather will go over obstacles a bit sooner thus leaving enough time to be able to make their appointment. The problem in this case is the inability to judge how much time is needed to make it to the appointment.

2. Other People

Some people are late because they have to wait for other people who are not pressed with time. So let us say one has to go to a function but two other people are tagging along. Once one of the two people that are tagging along is late then everyone involved is late. If you have an appointment and there are people that you will be tagging along with, then someone has to be the early riser and force everyone to be early. If there is no leader in that company of people then that is a sure guarantee that people will be late.

3. Starting to Prepare at Appointment Time

If an appointment is at 2 pm and you start leaving for that appointment at 2 pm then definitely one is already late. This is a problem with people that think the appointment time is the time to start going to the appointment. In this case there is no real deliberate purpose to try and leave early, they are of the notion that the appointment time is the time to start preparing.

4. Thinking it is fashionable

Believe it or not, some of us think that being late is fashionable and for some cultures time is not really the priority, so you find that leaders will be late “fashionably”. This can irritate other people but the person involved who is always late strongly believes in their mind that there is no harm in being 10 minutes or 20 minutes late. The worst of this is that sometimes there is no communication from the person who is late as they believe that everyone will understand.

5. Irresponsible

A person who is not prepared for the meeting, a person who does not want to lead the meeting, a person who feels that they are not really part of the meeting or just a person who does not want any responsibility from the meeting will always be late. Such as person is difficult to pick out sometimes as it may depend on the appointment and what needs to be done.

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