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Life is the sum of the experiences your create

Life is the sum of the experiences your create

Ever wondered about that old age question, “What is life really about?” It is an old question with many old answers. Is life about love, money, power, victories, goals, friends, family and anything else in between or far from it? I have often wondered about this question but it was not until some years back that I realized that each time the answer differed depending on where I was or what I was trying to achieve at that time. However no matter how much the answer differed depending on my circumstances or desires, one thing was for sure, life was an experience.

What are we born into?

Think about it, what are you born into? We are born into a world that offers so many things around us but most importantly we are born into time and the experience of it. When we are born we begin to experience time and hence we call it life. From being a baby to adulthood, the sum of our lives is the experiences that we live. We experience joy, happiness, sadness, courage, fear, and different things but in total we know that we are part of something. The more we experience the more we begin to question ourselves as we wonder what life is about.

You could say that life has different worlds which in their own right are different experiences. Our exposure to them define what we are knowledgeable about and the type of characters that we develop. Who we are is a sum of what we program our minds to function with.

The Nature Experience

This earth is an experience to itself with everything in it before we are even there. Nature by right is an experience that has its laws, rules and perspectives. From the world of animals to plant life these are all experiences that exist before we exist. The mountains, valleys, oceans, rivers, soil, rocks, bushes, rain, clouds, sky, gorges and much more are all experiences. We tend to name these experiences for reference to our own existence, so we formulate words for each of these experiences and in our minds they exist as worlds which we relate to.

When we think of water we have an emotion attached to it depending on what category of our emotional experience it fits into. Some will associate snakes with the fear because that is what we have referenced snakes to. Mountains for some can be associated with impossible majestic challenges, depending on what you have programmed your mind, your experience will be defined towards that. Whatever we name the things that we experience by observation or interaction with, one thing is for sure; we tend to formulate emotions of interaction associated to our well-being or more specifically our survival. The more something is perceived as a challenge to our ability to experience time the more it is associated with fear. Fear is a self-reference to the measurement of confidence of our ability to overcome an obstacle. The lower the confidence the greater the fear, and that positive or negative confidence is developed or enhanced by the level of actual experience or perceived imaginary experience.

The Human System Experience

Human minds have different capacities to experience this world, from the physical to the imagination. Without having any interaction with your eyes closed it is possible to experience a world of one’s creation. In time we tend to create the manifestation of our imagination. It is this ability to manifest that we have created systems which range in different formats and rules. We have created economies, social experiences, political, religion and different forms of systems which have become experiences to themselves. In these experiences is human classification dependent on your ability to manipulate or control the domains of each system. The higher the control the greater the level of authority, hence we have presidents, billionaires, bishops, influencers and such. When we look at this world that we have created it is easy to see that it is about the nature of experience that we have with it that promotes or demotes us in the systems created. The ability to dominate a system promotes your status in that system, however if your experience with a particular system is one in which you are dominated, you will quickly realize that your servitude to that system will be a complete brainwash.

Experience is Perception

As you might be noticing by now, I am trying to lead you to realize that experience is about your relationship with what you interact with. How you perceive anything that is around you is the very definition of that experience. You could say that experience is a perception of what you interact with physically or in imagination. The brain does not distinguish the difference between physical and imagination, it simply creates neural pathways.

Perception is between two classical points which are negative and positive. Meaning that if you perceive something negative you will formulate negative emotions, whilst if you perceive something as positive you will have positive emotions and your confidence will be higher. Our minds are the cradle of experience, and the interactions are the buildings of confidence.

So what is life you ask? Life is the program of experience in which you determine how you utilize your time. The one thing you have at all times is time, and the other thing you have that completes time is the ability to experience it. The rest is up to you on how you are willing to experience that time. However positive and negative is also our own creation for the sake of reference and association. We as humans have created the perception that we have to basket everything between good and evil, positive and negative, hot and cold, it is all a measure of which we are the center of that measure. When we define the different poles of existence we put ourselves in between therefore formulating an experience which we relate to.

It is therefore possible that we can take ourselves out of the equation of defining experience and simply take it for what it is, time. The code of the universe existing is time, not the clock we devised by the very fabric of existence that allows experience to exist. Each moment that we define experience by our perceived ability we negate our capacity to manipulate time. Time is a place of creativity where anything can be created, we just have to see beyond our self-defined experience.


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