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Turn excellence from a dictionary word to a lifestyle using time

Time is one of the most critical resources and those who control it determine where wealth will go. Excellence seems like a mystery to most people but once you understand the connection between excellence and time it will be easier to attain. Until excellency becomes a habit, it is impossible to build a standard

1. Associate time to resources

Your capacity to achieve excellence is proportional to the time you have, the resources, and the objective you need to achieve. For you to meet the objective you must have the required resources to be able to utilize the time that you have. If the resources cannot meet the time that you have you cannot meet the objective.

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2. Associate the methods to the time

Sometimes you may not have enough resources to meet the objective considering the time that you will be having. In such a case, then you need to change the methodology that you are using. In other words change the strategy to one that meets the time aspect that you have.

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3. Associate events to time

Time is the number of events that are related to it. For example the time we call day is just the presence of the sun and daylight. At a lower level what we call breakfast time is the event of eating breakfast, if we don’t eat breakfast we say we wasted our breakfast time. To meet excellence, associate events to time and ensure that you implement specific events in the sequence that they are needed.

lifestyle 1
Your lifestyle becomes a standard of excellence

4. Associate urgency to time

You cannot be urgent unless if there is a time measurement. Your standard of excellence is determined by the time you are able to meet. Until you operate in the  time limits and profiles, then excellence has not been perfected. Always measure  your achievement to the time objective that is required.

5. Associate time to the money value

If you are in business or want to achieve a specific objective then time must become dollars to you. You must be able to calculate the cost to you for every hour that you have and you must as well be able to meet the time in terms of revenue. If you cannot meet the revenue expectation then that time is wasted. Your time then becomes precious and the value of activities that you do becomes critical.

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6. Associate time to emotions

How much of your time do you spend being happy or sad. Or do you spend most of your time angry and frustrated. Your emotions are very important and must be respected in time. You are the sum of your daily emotions. In the end you are either a happy person or an unhappy person, it’s up to you.

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7. Associate time to life

Your life is time and the amount that  you use up. Time is like a bank balance that has been deposited at birth but must be used through daily withdrawals called breath. Think of it as talents that you are given which if you don’t exercise then the quality of achievements is proportional to the talents used. Time is precious and important. How you use it is important to you. Be sensitive about your time, until you achieve sensitivity about time you cannot achieve a standard.

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