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7 Common Shameful lies we tell ourselves at work

You might probably have the coolest job in the market and feel that you are made but you know you are lying to yourself. We have picked 7 common lies that we tell ourselves at the work place which, at the end of the day are not true but we still tell ourselves these lies.

1. It’s my office

No it’s not your office, it belongs to the company. If you have ever seen a person being suspended or dismissed that is when you will understand that it is not your office. The fear of the box grips everyone when you see another person packing their things into a box and leaving the work place like they never owned a thing. If you are driving a company car, using a company computer, just remember it is not yours. The same way you receive it is the same way it will go, only twice as fast. You might have a nice computer but remember it is sitting on someone else’s balance sheet.

If it is not in your personal balance sheet it is not yours

2. It’s my time

When you are called to come in on Sunday during your church time or you are doing overtime but you have to spend time with your kids or you only see your kids for 3 hours per five working days then you know that it is not your time. The greatest commodity that we have on earth is time and those who control it control the destiny of wealth.

Time is limited

3. I am my job title

Ever seen how people are so sensitive about their titles and think that they are their own title. So a person can announce themselves as whatever they are at their workplace but believe that you should fear or respect them because of that title. A title does not make a person, the person makes the title. There is no point of being proud of your title when your job does not make you happy or really achieve anything for you. Let you actions speak louder than your title.

It’s just a title, not your life

4. The company will take care of me

It’s not every company that will give their resources to take care of you when things are tough. If you die today remember that you will be replaced within a week, someone else will be doing your job in the immediate. This leads us to the next great lie that people tell themselves at work.

Not always be taken care of

5. I am indispensable

“Anyone and everyone can be replaced” is not just a cliché, it is a fact. Your indispensability can be done away with by using consultants or simply using more than one person to do what you used to do. Don’t get me wrong, you are important in life, but never think that your company will stop to function because you are not there. You need to balance your life. Don’t die without building your personal life.

A broken coffee machine can be replaced as well

6. Tomorrow I will still be here

It is great to stay at a work place for some time, but it is not a substitute for your home or house. Whilst you are working hard someone might be stealing money from the company daily and before you know what happened the company is closed. Yes you are there in your company but it is not a guarantee that you will be here tomorrow. Build your life and make your life into a personal success.

Your tomorrow is on someone esle’s hands

7. My Job is everything

Your job is not everything; it is just a means to get an exchange of goods. The reason you go to work is to make money so that you can pay for some of your needs. However this does not mean that you cannot get value from doing other things besides employment. There is more to life, there is life itself, you have to enjoy life the best way you can for your benefit.

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Success is not incidental it is deliberate; we should not fear failure but we should be willing to keep trying. Do not be complacent keep doing and refining your life until you reach the levels that make you feel successful.

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