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7 Easy Tips for MBA students to Succeed

Doing a Masters in Business Administration is a big deal for most professionals. It is the pinnacle of their education but the different reasons for doing their MBAs are as various as the reasons for going to school. Sometimes you meet MBA students that finished their MBA but in the end they don’t understand what they studied.

1. Create a Research folder

MBA is also based on your own ability to reference different sources to show that you are actually studying and participating in the courses. If you want to pass then create a folder for yourself where you put your research material according to the different courses that you are doing. The material will come in handy as you do the assignments, as they accumulate your referencing will get easier as there will be more material.

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2. Have a reading strategy

Reading is essential in order to be able to cover most of the courses that you are doing in your MBA. However there is always not enough time but you can make time. If you are reading from eBooks, then get at least two sources of reading that you can use. One can be from your laptop in the office and the other on your tab when you are just relaxing or moving around. Also have reading times that you can use that are easy for you to use. Think of your reading periods as your “me time”

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3. Use Practical research examples

Be practical in order to create a permanent memory

When you have an assignment that requires you to study an organization then do the actual research on a real company. Don’t pretend to do research; the more you look into the different companies using the material that you are learning the more you have an open mind. The less you don’t do actual research, the more closed your mind is.

4. Participate in Discussions

Whether these are online or face to face group discussions, try as much as possible to participate where you can. Discussions help to see other people’s views and you get tips on an MBA assignment which might be complex or bothering you. Don’t be over critical in discussions or people will start to shun you, be polite and be willing to learn from others.

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5. Be structured

graduate 1
Presentation are marks on their own

One of the most overlooked things in doing an MBA is being organized. Before even starting any course, get the syllabus, the assignment due dates, the reading requirements and the marking guide as well. Also get the reference guide such as Harvard or APA so that you do your referencing correctly. Create folders for all your courses which are separated and have a back up for your folders on your Google drive, drop box or any other platform that you have. Organization is next to perfection.

6. Be Presentable

In your assignments or dissertations learn how to have uniformity and presentations skill. Using uniform fonts, justifying your paragraphs, ensuring you have correct and numbered headlines, putting proper tables, charts and other presentation skills. There is no substitution for a good presentation, never take presentation for granted.

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7. Do your own Assignments even with help

This is probably the most important and obvious tip which is taken for granted. When you have an assignment you need to at least understand it and do it for yourself. If you don’t understand then get help in explanation and have your friend assist you in checking your understanding. The reason why it’s important to do your own assignment is because the concept only goes into your mind if you do the assignment.

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