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7 Ways to improve work relationships

Relationships at the work place can be some of the most difficult if not natured appropriately. Animosity can exist between colleagues as well as between managers and employees which may never be fixed.

1. Respect Privacy time

There is nothing as irritating as a boss who does not respect an employee’s private time. Not being able to leave room for employees to enjoy their personal time or family time is a recipe for disaster in terms of relationships.

2. Respect each others’ work space

It might be a cubicle or an office desk but space is space. The argument can be made that it is all company property but however a bit of respect is required for relationships to be improved. Don’t be an employee who sits on another employee’s desk or hovers around without clearing with the other person.

3. Avoid emotional trips

There are people who seem to feel that they reserve the right to have emotional outbursts on others. Colleagues need to avoid being an emotional warship that overshadows the whole workplace, such that others never have room to breathe. So they take over the entire atmosphere and others just have to bow to them.

4. Do your work as you are supposed to

Work relationships can be strained if other members of the team do not do their part. This also goes for the boss; if the manager does not do their own part as well this can result in strained relationships. For a workplace to function everyone must do their part and do it to their best ability.

5. Help each other once in a while

Good relationships are built where people are able to cover for each other once in awhile. However this does not mean that colleagues should take advantage of each other, it must be genuine covering for one another. Learn what others do and appreciate each other.

6. Appreciative each other and be civil

Surprisingly people can spend 8-9 hours in the office around each other but can never seem to talk to each other as humans. Remember that is 33% of their active day which in true calculation is 50% of their non-sleeping time. It then comes as a surprise that people can then spend the day being nasty to each other and not respecting each other.

7. Don’t spread rumors or nasty stuff about each other

The worst thing to do is to talk nasty things about the people who you work with. When there are issues between employees these should be resolved without people having to talk about each other to other people outside the department.



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