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Change jobs if you are experiencing these 9 things

You might be wondering if it is time to change jobs but you are not yet sure if you should.  Going to a new job is like going to the unknown, the culture might be different, the people might also be weird or everything could be just wonderful. If you are wondering if it’s time to leave your job we have 9 things to help be sure.

1. You don’t like yourself anymore

You walk into the office and you don’t like the feeling of what you have become. As you go about your business or routine you feel like you are watching someone else and you are not sure who it is because it is certainly not you.

2. There is nothing new for you

It’s now so routine that there is no hope of ever getting new things to do. You struggle to come up with new things. All you do is feel like an industrial machine doing the same old thing day after day.

3. There is no chance of promotion or money increase

Most people stay in a job because there is a career ladder. In your case it does not seem to be there.  You are just there and the furniture might seem like it will have a better promotion opportunity than you.

4. All your friends are doing way better than you

Yes you are your own person but face it there are things that should be basic for you that you deserve if you are failing to achieve these then  it is time you find a better job.

5. You are now taking a lot of leave days

You seem to prefer to be away from work all the time, so every chance you get is a chance to getaway. Even the bathroom break seems like an opportunity to do new things.

6. You are now irritable at work 50% of the time

People now know that you are always complaining about everything at the office. Nothing seems to please you, it is all just an irritation.  It does not take much to set you off, at any time you could go off.

7. You have too many enemies

It’s work but it seems you have a lot of people that don’t like you.  This may seem like a strange one but it is a good reason to change jobs. Never mind about trying to find out why people don’t like you, chances are high that you already know and you are just not facing up to it.

8. You just cannot arrive to work early enough or do anything early

You are either always late or you are just in time. You are not inspired enough to arrive early. You seem to operate on the just in time principle. Nothing of yours is ever done early.

9. You are not studying anything

The last time you did a course was a long time ago. You are no longer worried about self development  you now think you are done and it is all because of your current job. You are not looking forward anymore.

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