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How to do more work in less time at the office

  1. Create Templates

Nothing beats a great template if you want to do more work in less time at the office. The good thing about templates is once its done right the first time then it is ready to be used the whole year. Of course don’t forget to keep improving the templates as this will assist to improve your speed even more. A good report template makes it easy to structure your work and improve your speed. You can design other templates for the following

  • Repeatable excel work
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • Quotations and Invoicing
  • Power point presentation templates (branded and ready)

How do you create a template is a good question to ask at the moment. You could create yourself or simply get help from someone who is proficient. There are plenty of templates that you can buy over the internet which will be useful to you and some that are free as well.

  1. Folders and Files

Nothing beats an organized professional. Besides the usual advantage of finding information it helps you to achieve the following

  • Eliminate the amount of time spent looking for things
  • Have old information that is relevant for now
  • Acts as your personal Wikipedia
  • Helps you to compare standards of how you did things before and how you can improve on them
  1. Research and Store

This may sound like the normal but you may just be surprised how much researching can change your life. Everyday find something new to read, learn, download and store. The more documents you have the more your personal Wikipedia increases. My personal library increased to 5000 documents in the past five years and is still growing. The trick is to ensure that you open folders for every different subject that you look at. The more you create new folders the more organized you are. You will find that at the end of it all when you need to do something you will be fast because of your research. If you have not been reading lately then now is the time to research and store.

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