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5 Reasons Why People Get Married

A lot of people get married for a lot of reasons and most of the half of those people have no idea why they get married or really think about why they did. There are various reasons why people get married and in this article we shall explore the top five.

1. Mum and Dad Syndrome for Getting Married

Some people are looking for a mum in the case of the men while in the case of a woman they are looking for a dad. So you find in some marriages that the wife will say that she has two children and one grown up child, the grown up child being the husband, after all she has to pick after him all the time. On the other hand the husband tells his closest friends that his wife cannot make decisions and is just a baby who wants him to do everything for her. Unfortunately most people are looking for their mothers and fathers in the marriages that they have. Such marriages are usually characterized with comparisons and heavy in-law influence. When there is a problem one of the two will run to their mum or dad for comfort or advice before even resolving things simply because they never learnt to deal with issues outside their mum and dad. In such marriages silly decisions are usually made.


2. The Wishing Well Reason

Other people on the other hand get married because they believe the other person can fulfill their dreams. For example one person may think that they will never be able to make it in life so they find another person who can buy things for them, such things as houses, cars, take care of their children, take care of their parents, take care of their education and the list goes on and on. In such marriages there is one person who is the giver in material terms and the other is the giver in physical terms. These relationships can be either way, it can be the man or the woman who is the dependent. The other characteristics about such marriages is that they usually have very flashy and plush weddings in which one of them insists for the flashy wedding to subconsciously parade their catch so as to say. These can also be called trophy marriages as in which one someone is being paraded.

3. The Cultural Marriage

In the cultural marriage people get married because that is what humans are supposed to do. There is no real reason for the marriage but just that it is what must be done. Such marriages started out with a relationship in which the two professed love for each other which in most cases was not real or necessary. As time went on everyone started to see them as a couple and expected them to get married. As such the peer pressure and societal pressure resulted in them arranging a wedding and getting married. In some cases a baby may have been involved, in which during the relationship the girl got pregnant and hence according to culture it automatically meant that they should get married. Most of these marriages are characterized by sadness and lots of sacrifices. One of the two or both end up sacrificing their dreams in order to make the marriage work never ever realizing their dreams because they got married before it was time or they are just living with the wrong person. Some of these marriages are arranged or just planned by the parents and the two people really do not have a say in it. As time goes the two learn to accept their situation and just live with it and try to make the best out of it. Once in a while they will even try to prove to everyone that they are happy but deep down they know things could be different.
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4. The Physical Addicts Marriage

This one is simple and also strangely common because they don’t know each other, have never understood each other but enjoyed the physical connection. In less than a few weeks or months they get married and wake up one year later and the other one is having an affair. Usually in these type of marriages they probably met at some function, some club, some party and just hit it off. They probably slept together within three dates of first meeting and never really knew each other.

5. The Partner Marriage

Perhaps the best reason for getting married is the partnership, in which two people understand their goals in life and have more in common than they do not have. In this type the two know what each one wants in the future and how they will achieve it. They are prepared to support each other without even thinking about it and believe that they can. They seem to have a connection or bond as sometimes they think in the same way. When they say words like I love you they mean they will do what they can to make each other’s dreams come true and will sacrifice for one another. This type of marriage is difficult to attain as it needs patience and belief. Most people fail to reach it simply because they rush into relationships and end up in the four reasons above.

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