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5 Types of Relationships that can destroy your success

Being in the wrong relationship can cost you your success and result in you never going too far in life. Love is good but when it comes to success you need to choose your relationship careful as some relationships can destroy whatever you would have built in a very short time. We have seen highly successfully people suddenly lose their fortunes when they hooked up to the wrong people. Success is also an emotional state.

1. Parasitic relationships

With success comes attention from different quarters in life. Without a doubt, there will be people who want to use you or who want your success to be part of their daily routine. There is nothing wrong in helping others to be successful through your success but it becomes an issue when the people that you are helping lead you to do anything and everything as long as they benefit. In a parasitic relationship the person who is looking to benefit will let the person who is successful do whatever and never really offer an advice or never looks out for you. All they do is stay still and let you do all the work, all the moving; all they do is lie still and suck whatever they can get from your success. Better to be best friends with a dead log than with a friend who offers no advice.

An irritable relationship may seem small like a mosquito but its impact can be the death of your success

2. Lets get high relationship

These are relationships in which the so called friend wants to use your success to enable them to enjoy your money or benefits. In other words they make you do things which have  no benefit to you but benefits them. True friendship is about walking side by side but not pushing one another to the edge of the cliff. When you find that your friend only wants you to get high so that they are also high then there is no real success involved in there.

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3. The Guard relationship

Some people want you all to themselves such that you never have room to grow beyond where you are. Over protection can shield opportunity away. Not allowing for new experiences and new things can result in success flying by and never getting a hold of it. It will seem that a person cares for you when they are jealous about you but in real essence they are closing doors that may never open again. Being over protective closes doors of opportunity.

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4. Emotional Support me relationship

trap tears
Some calls for attention are calls into an emotional blackmail prison

Being emotionally supportive is great in any relationship but when it becomes a primary job beyond normal then it becomes a problem. Success also requires attention, hence there must be a balance between giving attention to those around you and what is needed for success. If you are blackmailed into emotional support then you are nailing success into a coffin earlyThe problem with situations where one person wants attention that is over the usual relationship attention is that they never give you time to do the things that are critical for sustaining your success.

5. Compensatory Relationships

These are relationships in which the successful person is trying to feel a void in their life with any relationship that comes along their way. The problem with this is that  compromised relationships result in the  compromise of a standard. Compromise will lead to you doing things that you are not supposed to, or going places that you would not normally go to. Being in a relationship is a good experience but only if it is a mutual relationship. You cannot turn a frog into prince with a kiss when a frog is just a frog. Many people believe that once they are in a relationship they can make the other person change, and when the change does not occur they blame themselves or thy accept that this how it is there by compromising on their standards.

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