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5 Ways to Communicate Effectively In Relationships

Communication in relationships can be easy or complex depending on the communication abilities of the people involved. The wrong context can destroy a perfectly healthy relationship if not explained well.

1. Listening Effectively:

There is hearing then there is listening, but there is listening effectively where you must at least show signs that you heard everything and you are seeking to understand. Don’t just walk away and take it for granted that you understood  or that the other person has finished saying what they had to say. Show acknowledgement and confirm what is being communicated. Listening is not passive it is active.

2. Make Eye Contact:

There is more to eye contact than what people think. Yes it shows that you are focused but it also eliminates the distance between the two of you by connecting you. Communication implies that an exchange is made in both ways and what better way to seal communication than to connect in a relationship.

3. Keep it Simple:

Not everyone can decipher everything that we communicate, so be deliberate in what you want say. Using big words and technical terms is not healthy for a relationship. Simplicity is like showing vulnerability; it creates a level of trust.

4. Show some life:

Mechanical communication is where emotions are never added into the conversations whether verbal or non-verbal. Try to show what you feel, no one likes a person who hides their feelings all the time. There are times when people just want to see that you have some emotions it creates comfort.

5. Never rush a message:

Don’t be in hurry to get it all over and done with, it might imply that you are not interested in the communication being done, be patient and encourage the other person to say what they feel. If you are pressed for time listen to the core of the matter then excuse yourself but with a suggested time for finishing off the conversation making sure the other person understand that you understood the message or intended message.

Five simple ways to communicate in a relationship, nothing too complicated. Sometimes a relationship can be at a different level, however the basics of communication still remain the same though.

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