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Chemicals of Love

The Chemicals of Love, H2O to Nuclear Reaction

It’s not surprising that people can date for seven years and break up or be married for twenty years with children and still have a divorce. The problem is not love it’s a simple case of misunderstanding nature. Flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone is not just a romantic statement but is a statement of chemical proportions. Hold on. In nature there are different substances made from different elements. We have pure elements, chemical substances, chemical compounds and of course mixtures.

The most natural and highest level of relationships have chemical affinity. This is when two elements join together such that the two lose their own properties to form a completely new substance altogether. These elements have a natural attraction such that their very basic atoms are attracted to each other. Let’s call this level, the Adam and Eve Level, because at this stage there is no such thing as dating being required, it is the most natural level. Some people are privileged enough to know this and wait for this moment in time when they can meet their element who is also attracted them. Unfortunately this level is not very common, forming only 7-8 percent of marriages in the whole world.


Some elements on the other hand have no natural affinity and require such intense heat and pressure to combine. In other words these need so much effort and work; hence the term let us work it out in most relationships. Normally they have no attraction between them or the attraction is weak but out of desire to be bonded to something they subject themselves to very high pressures and heat or cold. Sometimes such chemicals can be highly unstable and volatile. Such relationships contain many compromises on both sides. The relationships can work but needs more effort. Let’s call this level the Jocob and Leah level. These relationships eventually have an attraction between the participating elements but it is never the real reason why they got together there is always another reason bugger than love. Well these are the majority of marriages so let’s give them a seventy percent existence.

Now on the lowest level are the mixtures. These are funny relationship but are very common also. Sometimes they result in marriage, staying together, dating and all that stuff. A mixture is a substance where there is no real chemical bond but just a getting together. The funniest things about mixtures are that they have no real proportions. Sometimes one substance increase more than the other at any time. Mixtures are easy to separate and see because you can still recognize their different elements. It’s like a sugar and water solution. When you mix water and sugar it looks like the sugar has disappeared but all you need to do is taste the solution and you can taste the sugar or water. They are two people who are together but are not one, they still possess their individualities. Mixtures obviously are a waste of time but anyway this is why we date, to mix and mingle and experiment to see if there is any affinity but we never really give of ourselves.

Three people asked me yesterday why they can never have a stable relationship well here is the answer, “the chemistry of love.” If you are in a relationship or marriage, if you really look hard enough (be honest at least) you will see that you fit into any three of these categories. if you are dating and you discover that you are not in 7-8 percent or that your relationship does not fit into the natural affinity level, here is my advice, RUN. If you are having second thoughts and you realize you are not in affinity, RUN. If you discover that you have to put a lot of work into this dating relationship its simple, RUN. If you notice that he or she has a tendency to slide away once there is a little cooling or heat I suggest you RUN.

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