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Five Ways To Know You Are In Love

Your success in relationships depends on you knowing what you really are in. Most of the time people are in love and they have no idea they are.  It is best you know what you are in as it can help you to act better. Love is wonderful and hence being in such a relationship should be a good experience. We have put together five ways that can help you to know if you are in love.

1.Nick Names

All of a sudden you are into nick names and you start calling each other or you are calling the other person all these pet names.  You feel great when you use the “new names” and it makes you so comfortable. Well this could be a start of love or you could be in love already.

2. You are sacrificing a lot for the other person

You are putting the other person first before your needs. You don’t mind opening the door for them, or pulling a chair for them, buying a present whenever you can even when you clearly need something for yourself.

3. You are forever texting

You are either infatuated with the person or you really are in love and it is mutual. This is when both of you can’t spend the day without texting each other, and sometimes it is just a “Hello”, nothing else involved just checking on each other and the best part of it is that it feels absolutely normal.

4. You worry

In this case you spend most of the time thinking of the other person and you want them to have the best.  You feel that you need to be there for them whenever you can.

5. You think five years in advance

So when you are planning you think about what the future and what it will be like. Sometimes you even budget about it and want to see the person happy. It is no longer just thinking what will the day be like or what will the future be like, you are now thinking what will the next 2-5 years be like.


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