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How to build strong relationships in 10 Don’ts

Relationships are wonderful when they are strong and make us happy. Here are ten tips on building strong relationships

1.     Don’t try to impress

If you ever try to build relationship by impressing the other person then you are building a quick-sand foundation. Eventually when everyone tries to stand on the impression that you have built the relationship will sink.

2.     Don’t Use lies to build

Every glass house eventually falls if a brick is thrown. The test of a relationship is in how much truth is in the relationship. Don’t use lies to build your relationship

3.     Don’t be an energy vampire

Don’t suck the other person’s energy to a point that they will lose all interest in you and whatever it is that you want. Nagging, looking for attention, asking for every single step to make a decision makes you unattractive. A strong relationship has energy to share for everyone.

4.     Don’t show up late always

Time is important but in real sense keeping time is a way to show respect to the other person. The more you are able to keep time then the other person feels respected and loved. Don’t show up late always.

5.     Don’t always be expecting to receive

We love to give to the ones we love, but we can get tired if the other person only receives and there is never an reciprocation. Don’t always be expecting to receive, give also as much or even more.

6.     Don’t buy relationships

Giving is good but don’t over do it such that you seem like you are trying to create an obligation in which the other person will feel compelled to reciprocate in more than one way. Don’t buy relationships, build the relationship with patience and love.

7.     Don’t expect perfection

You are not perfect so don’t expect anyone to be perfect. You might have you standards but expect that mistakes will happen in life. If we were perfect we would not be human. So don’t expect perfection.

8.     Don’t be a worry obsession

There are those who worry about every single aspect of the relationship. Worrying about everything is a sign of insecurity, always looking to fix all things. Some things leave them for what they are, don’t try to fix all things.

9.     Don’t be a serial moody partner

We all have bad days and we must live through them, however that does not give us the license to be moody as it simply chases the other person away. No one wants to be on a day and night job to try and motivate a smile from their partner, it becomes tiring and destroys the relationship. Don’t be a serial moody partner.

10. Don’t be insensitive

A relationship is two people who want to be together. They need to relate to each other constantly so they need to be sensitive to each others feelings. Insensitivity kills relationships. So be sensitive so as to build a strong relationships

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