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How to know it’s time to break up

Dating couples sometimes come to that point when they need to decide to stay or leave. In short the question is how does one know it’s time to break up. This list identifies five things that apply to both men and women

1.     Nothing makes sense

At that moment when being with the person no longer makes sense. There is no real reason why you are together and why you need to stay together. You struggle to understand why you are still dating or seeing this person in your life.

2.     You keep looking for other people

If you are not satisfied then either you have a problem or you are not ready. If the person that you are with is not enough for you in your view to stay put then definitely it is time to hit the road. If you are looking somewhere else whilst you are still dating then the chances are very high that you will look somewhere else after commitment.

3.     You keep getting cheated on

This is not necessarily to say cheating with another person, but being left out of everything in preference to other things. Your time together does not seem important and you are an afterthought. If the person can no longer sacrifice for you then it’s time  to go.

4.     You feel used and not loved

This is a serious s one; if you don’t feel loved then it is time to break up. The reason why we get into the majority of our relationship is because we are looking for love. If this is no longer there then it is time to go.

5.     You are just never understood

Communication is critical to any relationship and its absence is good cause enough to break up. If the person that you are with never seems to get you then it’s time to go and If they cannot understand you now they will not understand you in the future.

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