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How to push away someone you love

As much as love is good there are times when we just push the ones we love away. How we do it could be many different reasons. In this article we shall look at three different ways on how you push away someone you love. It is not that you do it on purpose but sometimes it just happens and you are not even aware of it.


We are all entitled to having a bad day once in a while, but when that bad day becomes the nature of one’s character it becomes a drag to stay close to that person. Love is good and is associated with happiness and occasional smiles.When that goes and all that is left is sadness and a moody character it becomes difficult to stay close to that person. We all want to be happy. It takes a lot of effort to sulk the whole day without a smile. Smiling and happiness releases an ever needed relief. So when a person is moody all the time it is a sure way to push away someone they love.

2. Secrecy

There is absolutely nothing wrong in having secrets, but when a secret affects the relationship then that secret should not be a secret. When a secret is affecting a relationship but that secret is not said, it kills the trust slowly and surely. We all want to feel trusted by the one’s we love. If that does not happen we tend to look for trust somewhere else. Secrets that affect a relationship haveĀ  a few common characteristics

  • The person with the secret acts differently
  • The person who does not know the secret feels treated differently
  • The secret hangs over everyone
  • When the secret comes out and it is shown that all the things that affected the relationship in a bad way were because of that secret then trust goes out the window

3. Selfishness

If you want to push the person you love away then be selfish. Selfish comes in many forms that we may not be aware of. Some typical examples include

  • Not asking how the other person’s day was
  • Always expecting to be loved never loving back
  • Defining when it’s your time and not allowing time for others in your time
  • Making yourself unavailable because of moods
  • Not sharing anything that you own, car, house, tv, entertainment etc
  • Generally being the person who receives but never gives
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