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Which Household Item Are Your Friends

Sometimes friendship is not the easiest of things and there are no words to describe the types of relationships you may be having. Below is our top comparisons of relationships to try and describe them for you. So you might have friends but you might treat them as any one of these following items;

  1. Door mat: You only need them when you need to step on them
  2. Doors: You are using them as doors to open places for you full of different opportunities
  3. Windows: You use them as windows to show you things happening in life consistently
  4. TV: once you turn them on they are there to entertain amaze you, and be there to keep you company
  5. Closet: You keep important things with them and you trust them
  6. Kitchen: They can only provide for you if you stock them with something or if you empower them with capacity
  7. Bed: They will help you to rest but you have to go to them
  8. Stove: They will heat up your life but you need a control to control them as they can also burn you
  9. Sofa: They want you to sit with them but you are not really sure if their company makes you happy
  10. Toilet: You only need them for dispensing of your bad rubbish and sob stories

So any of these could describe your friendships  in your life. Some might be good whilst some maybe bad. You and your friend may set the tone of how your friendship will develop. Think of the things around the house, the brooms, the dustbins, the carpet, etc, you might just come up with interesting descriptions.

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