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12 Things you shouldn’t post on facebook account

Posting on Facebook is one of the coolest things to do, however sometimes we forget and post a few things which are not in our best interest. Facebook has its own guidelines on what you should not post but we are not going to look at that list, rather let us look at the alternative list of things we post but may not be aware we should not post.

1. Hey everyone we are going away

Holidays are good but when you post that you are going away on Facebook then make sure only your friends, as in real friends see your post. Why am I saying this? Some people can take opportunity of your absence to help themselves to your house and your hard earned possessions. Advertising that you won’t be at home and telling people the dates is not the best thing to do. Rather tell people after you are back. Post as many pictures as you want of the holidays after you return not before you go.

2. Your inside of the house and its corners

If you are going to post pictures of your family house you might need to refrain from showing everyone all your hard earned property in your house. It’s cool showing us your bedroom but just a word of caution, make sure its not valuable.

3. Your personal depression confessions

Facebook is a social place but it is not exactly the greatest place for shrink sessions. Other people can use this to manipulate you or dig deeper into your life. Con artists and identity thieves will have a field day with your profile. So just be careful what personal issues you post.

4. Revealing pictures of your kids

Like really, in this world there are many sick people out there so don’t endanger your kids and their privacy. There is nothing wrong in posting your kid’s¬†pictures but when these pictures are ridiculously revealing you might just attract attention you dont really need in your life.

5. Terrorist remarks and security issues

We all know the kind of world we are living in nowadays. So don’t attract unnecessary attention by posting inflammatory remarks on security sensitive issues.

6. Family or friends secrets

Remember Facebook is a very fast feeder of information, once a post is read, it is not easy to retract it. You might delete the post but once others have read it, the damage is done, even after you delete it. Refrain from revenge postings; when you are feeling emotional it is best to stay away from Facebook.

Sharing unsubstantiated gossip

Some stories are just fun to read whilst some are just malicious rumors to destroy other people’s lives. There is always that temptation to share intriguing stories but how 100% sure will you be about them. Don’t become a pawn for other people’s agendas.

8. Compromising pictures of yourself

It’s fun to post pictures of ourselves and it can seem like we are human when we post pictures in compromising positions. The only thing is that pictures are good ammunition for the future. If you are going to get into politics then posting Facebook pictures of yourself in compromising positions is a no no.

9. Compromising pictures of your friends or family or anyone

You don’t know what the future holds. So don’t ruin another person’s life by the pictures you post. ¬†They might be hilarious but make sure they are friendly and not interpreted in any malicious way.

10. Pictures of you after work or at work time in company branding

If you want to get fired then post your extra activities whilst in company gear, this is a sure way to lose your job in the immediate future. Remember you are not the company spokesperson and your actions can bring the company reputation into disrepute.

11. Directions to your private residence

Don’t post your address, don’t give directions, or you might as well just invite thieves to your house. Post directions on getting to a public place, that is ok, but never post directions to your personal private residence.

12. Security pictures of a restricted area

It is tempting to post pictures of restricted areas. If you ever do that make sure you are above the law or that the law is on your side. Some pictures or postings can get you arrested depending on where you are or what you are. We have the right of socialising but we don’t have right to endanger the nation.





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