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5 Facebook Status updates which are a call for help

Facebook is the most powerful social media in the world. People can express their emotions and status updates which are personal, post commentaries and just fun posts. Sometimes we read status updates and fail to recognize when a person needs help or the things that are going on in their life but they are not sure how else to express themselves.

Facebook has become a substitute for face to face personal relationships and also an advantage for others to connect with their friends. Now, thanks to Facebook, instead of connecting with 10 people as you would in regular life you can connect to just under 5000 people. It can be fun but it can also be hectic if you don’t have real friends and all your connections are just online acquaintances. Facebook is great for not only marketing and socializing; however, if one is looking for personal relationships these are best taken to closed groups and offline connections.
Sometimes people cry for help on Facebook but this cry can get lost in the many news feeds and people don’t understand that the status update is an actual cry for help.

Here are 5 status updates that are a cry for help that can go under the radar which we need to learn about.

1. The constant life is hopeless

Sadness is expressed in different ways

These are status updates which go on for weeks with a person always posting personal sentiments on how hopeless their life is. It’s not a commentary status update on politics or the economy but a status update on their lives. Simple status updates like the ones below could be a big hint that there is more that is going on in that person’s life.
Example status updates include

  • Nothing makes sense
  • Feeling like such a loser
  • Hopeless

Sometimes they don’t seem like much but if you are friends or rather are close friends with that person you could meet over some coffee for a chat or so you might find out that there is really more to it.

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2. The angry status update

Anger is good but it has its limits

When ever this person posts anything they are always serially angry about something. It could be a post about politics, the economy, or something personal, but in all their postings they are always angry. Such a person is probably not happy about their own life and has no other place to vent. So they tell the whole world, the issues that they are talk about seem general which they cannot change and their anger levels always seem so high. There is never a word of joy or hope or just humor. In a way they are asking for help as they don’t have anything going on in their lives which is meaningful.

3. The constant embarrassment revelation


bed rest
Not every picture needs to be posted online as a status update

This is the person who is always revealing personal stuff about themselves. There is nothing wrong in sharing but their posts become really embarrassing for themselves and they don’t notice it. They will reveal their personal relationship squabbles, their bedroom secrets, their money loss, their job issues, and when they post they do it so consistently it’s like they are professional in doing it. The unfortunate thing is that the person will not notice that this is what they are doing. Sometimes they will go as far as revealing some very personal pictures of themselves which others would never dream of doing. Some pictures will be selfies, some will be in questionable places.

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4. The departing status update

goodbye 1
A goodbye could just be a way of saying please talk to me or ask me something about where i am going and why

Another serious status update is the departing status update. It can read something like this

  • Leaving Facebook for a few weeks
  • Tired just need to get some space, goodbye Facebook

This tells you that the person has tried to get comfort from their connections but no one has reached out to them, so they feel that they need to leave everyone. If a person is tired of Facebook they don’t need to say goodbye, they just uninstall the app or stop logging in. Saying goodbye means you still want attention and this is your last attempt to get it. However there are genuine courtesy goodbye messages, If you are close to some one who says goodbye on Facebook, reach out just to find out what’s going on with them. No one needs to be on Facebook all the time however some status updates say more than the usual.

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5. The Dramatic Status update

Drama is good but it has proportions

There are those status updates which seem to dramatize everything, everything is blown out of proportion. A simple occurrence in the world is taken so seriously it’s like the end of the world. Sometimes it’s not a status update it is a comment in a news feed or a picture tag. Nothing wrong in expressing emotion but when it goes off the roof and everyone begins to wonder what the fuss is about then you know there is more in the other person’s life which is going on.

Facebook is great, it is wonderful for communication and getting everyone up to date with their lives. It is also good to read more into our friends status updates to look out for each other. If you have ever read weird status updates that left you wondering, it was probably a cry for help.Unlock someone’s door to a bit of success by being the catalyst

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