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5 Social Addictions that make billions and WhatsApp is not one of them

There are social trends then there are social addictions that make billions of dollars. Success can be found in the simplest of things. All you have to do is believe. We have selected the billion dollar revenue social business which truly make billions. Other social craze business maybe valued in billions but they are those that bring in billions of dollars.

1. LinkedIn – Professional Addiction 2.991 billion (2015)

linkedin-logo.LinkedIn is an ingenious social craze for the professional who wants to be known for what they do. Considering people love their titles and addicted to them so is one easy way to make billions of it. making professionals connect is always a sure way to make money.

2. Wechat – Chatting Addiction 1.1. billion (2014)

wechat_official_logoAs crazy as it seemed a simple SMS can make billions The best part of this is that people just want to stay in touch. From the need to stay in touch WeChat rules them all. WhatsApp is good but it is no match for WeChat. When it comes to real money WhatsApp is still just a baby on the block when it comes to revenues though having an outstanding number of users. WeChat has mastered how to monetize it’s services hence is a billion dollar revenue business.

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3. Facebook – Visual addiction 17.93 billion (2015)


Facebook and Instagram are the easiest examples on how to take a social addiction and create billions. Facebook is simple, get friends to connect and let them see each others’ pictures and you have billions in your bank account.

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4. Youtube- Viral video addiction 4 billion (2014)


We love to watch and YouTube knows that. With over a billion videos on YouTube collects it’s money without much sweat though sweating on the profit making. It’s a social phenomenon that relies on trends and viral activities. People like to take their own videos and share them online. It’s a simple concept, nothing complicated, just make it easy for people share their videos and there you have a billions dollars in your life.

5. The little bird- Short message addiction 1.4 billion (2014)


Twitter is a billion dollar revenue bird. People just want to showcase their small messages and that makes a billion dollars for a company. Some people don’t get Twitter but those who get it are enough to bring more than a billion dollars to the service.

A special mention goes to the selfie

Mirror Mirror Addiction

Ever since the phone camera was turned for people to be able to take their own pictures the advent of Selfies became a social craze a lot of people love to get into. The billions have come from phones themselves. Given a choice we prefer a phone that can take a selfie. Our addiction is ourselves and the billions are to those who know we are addicted to ourselves. Ultimately the selfie pushes most of the social media sites and deservedly makes all the billions.

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