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7 Hilariously Rude WhatsApp Habits to Avoid

WhatsApp is great for communication and is awesome for social interaction. It can become rude sometimes and we don’t know that we are being rude. Here is our top 7 rude WhatsApp habits that we do consistently and don’t notice.

1. Textaholic

So you are with people, real people but you just cannot get off the phone. They want to have a conversation with you but you are not bothered to interface with them so all the time you head is bowed in prayer to the WhatsApp messages. Perhaps you are part of more than ten groups and you feel that you have to answer each and every one of the groups yet the messages are not important. You feel you just need to participate at the expense of the real live conversation in front of you.

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What rude message does it convey: You would rather be somewhere else, a, trying to squeeze into my phone

My phone saves me from your company which i don’t enjoy at all

2. The Incredible Emotion

Now when you are trying to have a meaningful conversation with a person and after every message they reply you with icons that keep you wondering what is being said then you know you are officially in WhatsApp hell. You are genuinely trying to get an opinion or some input and you feel like a relic hunter trying to decipher ancient hieroglyphics. You try to keep the conversation going but in the end you look for the one word to end it all, “OK”, because there is nothing else to say really.

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What rude message does it convey: You didn’t attend art school so welcome to online art class 101

Guess how I am feeling right now, and you better get it right

3. The vibrator

So you are part of many groups, nothing wrong with that but every now and then your phone is vibrating and is distracting everyone else. You might not be on WhatsApp at that moment but your phone keeps going on and one. To you, you think it means that it’s silent but clearly we can all here the vibrator.

What rude message does it convey: My noise is music to you all

You must be honored to listen to my silent noise

4. The deadly assumptionist

Well this one is a bit on the funny side. They send you critical messages and think that they have communicated. When you meet them later they complain that you are not reliable. If it is so critical and you have not been replied, please don’t assume that I have seen it or that I am ignoring. It could be that I genuinely have not seen it. If a message is that critical and I have not replied then follow up with a call. The deadly assumptionist will tend to be more rude by calling you to say check your WhatsApp and they don’t say anything else. If you can call why not say the message then. What is deadly about the assumptionist is that there are always a short tempered.

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What rude message does it convey: you are my WhatsApp slave

You have no choice, you are mine

5. The sounder

Worse than the vibrator is obviously the person who does not put their messages on mute in meetings or in the office and all we can keep hearing is the arriving message. WhatsApp might be the coolest messenger on earth but spare us the sounds. Mute the groups, take off the sound in meetings and let us all be at par with our phones.

What rude message does it convey: My phone is more special than yours

fire music
Naturally my phone has more fire than yours

6. The serial stranger

There is that one person that sends you a message like you know them yet you don’t have their number. When you politely ask for their name they decline and ask you to guess or start complaining why you don’t have their number. They make it so difficult for you go get their name you want to to block them. They make you sweat for their name and you start to feel embarrassed. Sometimes it’s best to just block the person.

What rude message does it convey: I am very important bow before me

you dont know me but i sat next you last year
I sat next to you by the stop that time, you don’t remember me?

7. The serial huge file sender

This one deserves a special mention because they finish your credit just after you bought some credit. Just when your WiFi is far from you they send you 15 MB of data and that voice minute you had left is wiped out. You can’t really complain because the person sort of meant well but at the same time your money is gone. What makes this so rude is that the person is always sending big data files such that you may receive over 50 MB in one day. They send what they think is funny but you cringe at their messages because you know at any point your data will be finished.

What rude message does it convey: My video content is your daily bread

Its big data silly

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