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Increasing your Website Traffic with a Web Strategy

If you are to succeed with your web presence you need a very good sharing strategy on the web.

There are a number of websites that you need to consider for web presence. Most of these need good time and a good strategy that you implement with dedication for your to get ranked on Alexa.com It is always tempting to get bot traffic but that is what you will get, bots and no real engagement or sales occurring.

There is no substitute for quality and relevance hence we shall assume you have read all about that but lets look at good sites to use for driving traffic to your website.


# Website Comment Cons
1. Stumbleupon.com Lets you submit different website links, however submitting too many links from your domain will surely get you penalized.

Have a good pay for search program for traffic and can generate traffic

You cannot submit same links for same domain, they block you or reduce your traffic after some time.
2. Seoclerk.com Genuine traffic generators which are not bots can be found. Cheap rates for SEO. Have a lot of fake people in place.You have to look with a loft of effort
3. Ezinearticles.com Good to submit articles to link in to your website Low traffic to your website, not many views occurs. It takes several hundreds of articles to generate 100,000 views
4. Google.com/


Good for traffic search if website is good. Paid ads bring real traffic and increase ranking Ads can be expensive to sustain.
5. .twiiter.com  Good for traffics  Needs a lot of positing and connections.
6. Facebook.com Good for traffic when people on Facebook page

Paid about 1 dollar a day can generate traffic

If Facebook page does not enough engagement, organic traffic can be slow, one might rely more on paid traffic.
7. indulgy.com Social share can be okay for visual sites Favours sites with pictures but good for traffics.
8. firsttoknow.com Good for links and artifles and getting featured  Need time to submit and dedication.
9. pinterest.com Good for visuals Needs a lot of work though
10. livedoor.com Good alternative traffic from Japan  A bit of Japanese to get used to.
11. reddit.com High global ranking very good traffic generation, however you need to be active on the site or the bot will not keep you. Needs more current news though
12. imgur.com Good for viral images Limited to images or visuals to be attractive.
13. nairaland.com Very good for African traffic and brings lots of traffic Need to participate on the forum at a good rate.
14. Linkedin.com Good for traffic if your profile is popular and has a number of people who can share your posts or read your posts Need huge following on Linkedin and good shares.
15. Slideshare.net Good for getting discovered, but must post relevant or trending topics Needs a bit of good presentation skills to make impact.
16. tumblr.com A bit of traffic Needs good following to have impact
17. voat.co  A good reddit alternative for sharing with less rules but still needs quality content Needs a lot of work though to create more traffic

There is obviously many more sites that will work for your strategy and you need to pick one or two that work for your audience. There is no point joining all these as each needs lots of work. Some of them need a budget that allows for the posting.

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