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Who is the King of Facebook in Zimbabwe

Who do you think has the most social fans  on Facebook? Success can lead to many fans as can be noted by  Facebook fan numbers. It would seem the more successful you are the more fans you have. Could this be a link to your marketability or business acumen? Judging from the list as provided by social bakers (http://www.socialbakers.com/statistics/facebook/pages/total/zimbabwe/) the top Facebook kings are not just individuals but also companies.  Social bakers looks at the official pages that Facebook recognizes as verified. It is interesting that only four individuals made it to the top ten

Social Facebook 7 November 2015Well the results might shock a few people. A certain Strive M (1 052 895 fans) is on number 2 as of 7 November 2015 when the statistics were taken. At number one is Mufti Ismail Menk ( 1 300 274 fans), who this author will leave to your research power to find out who this is. Surprise surprise, Pokello (157 904 fans) made it and is the only female on the group at number 9 . Another individual in the group is Dr James Makamba (296 684 fans) sitting comfortably at number 5. Now these numbers are easy to verify by simply visiting each site page and checking for yourself the number of likes. Feel free to compare with the Zimbabwean pages that you think are more popular. Socialbakers is a useful site for you to be able to summarize your rankings.

Success also requires that you work on your social presence if you are going to build a strong business or personality. Where are you in this ranking?

Reference http://www.socialbakers.com/statistics/facebook/pages/total/zimbabwe/


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