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7 Sports People 7 Lessons of Success

1. Ronaldo (Soccer)-Be in Shape

One of the most in shape athletes has to be Ronaldo currently playing at Real Madrid in Spain. Arguably one of the best and most successful, though the jury is still out on who is better between him and Messi. However he comes into this list because of his obvious physic and how he has managed to stay in shape for so long. If you are going to succeed then be in shape for whatever it is that you need to accomplish.

2. Serena Williams (Tennis)-Determination

Serena got injured and everyone wrote her off but she came back and has been winning more than ever. She lands into our list of seven because of her determination. The greatest of all time, perhaps but in terms of pushing herself hard she is probably one of the best. Success belongs to her.

3. Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1)-Hate Losing

So maybe Lewis sometimes has questionable aggression as he competes with Rosberg but without a doubt the guy just hates losing. If you are going to be a winner there is a tenacity about you that must exist which will help you to overcome most of the hurdles.

4. Wladimir Klitschko (Boxing)-Composure

Whilst everyone talks, sometimes it is best to be composed. You may appear boring but keep your composure and let your talent do the talking the most. Having a life plan also helps in making you stable and be more focused.

5. Usain Bolt (Athletics )-Style

Don’t just be a winner, do you things in style. Stand out to be noticed. Live a little, life is too short. So if you want to be a champion look no further when it comes to style. Everyone recognizes the lighting.

6. Mo’Ne Davis (Baseball)-Confidence

It takes a lot of confidence to be the first African-American girl to play in the Little League World Series. She is young, maybe not well known in the world outside of USA but for confidence she is more than fits into our list of seven.

7. Messi (Soccer)-Humility

Now soccer just had to get two spots being the world’s most watched and popular game. Messi keeps his peace, gets up and gets on with what is required. Forget the rolling around asking for attention, this is not Messi. Messi is the humble guy, supremely talented from another planet but when you see him on the pitch, you would never have guessed it.

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