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Jose Mourinho Sacked, 5 lessons we learnt

Every major football site has been on about Jose Mourinho getting sacked and what next now for Chelsea. As much as it is never a good thing to see someone getting fired we have a few points that we learnt which we need to share with you.

1.     Performance is what counts

It might be soccer but it is still a business, performance is what counts at the end of the day. Chelsea are a big club and Jose is probably in your top five of the world’s best coaches who have won everything but in this case he is still expected to perform just like any other manager.

2.     Some past glories don’t buy credit

Decorated warriors still have to perform on the day of any battle, failing to do so can result in instant death. Some jobs just require that you perform. There is no use singing past glories as a cover of what is possible. So if you are a fireman and you go to put out a fire , the fire does not respect your past glory it will still rage and you still need to put it out. The same thing applies in your life, business and everything else, past glory does not always buy you credit.

3.     A leader is still responsible for the team’s failure

Even if Costa, Fabregas, Williams, Terry, Hazard, and all were not playing well, at the end of the day you cannot fire the entire team you can only fire the manager. As the news has been going on, you cannot fire the entire team, the leader always takes the responsibility and accountability. In Jose’s case he was the leader and hence the team’s performance is his performance.

4.     No one is indispensable

One thing Abramovich has taught us time and time again is that no one is indispensable. He changes world class managers at the slightest hint of slacking off. Jose could have had credit for winning the league just last season but the performance of the team came first hence he was sacked.

5.     Don’t play games, play the game

As much as Jose is charismatic, some things were not necessary to be saying in public like “I feel the team betrayed me” or something that sounds like that. A team is made up of humans and they have their way of reacting. Don’t play games with the media and forget to play the actual game that matters. In life you will have distractions but never take your focus away from the actual target that you are trying to achieve.

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