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Why Ronda Rousey should do these 5 things

Ronda Rousey has been a fantastic champion in all these years and has proved a lot of things. Her recent loss to Holly came as a surprise to a lot of people and hence a lot of speculation about what is next for her. There are 5 things that we believe Ronda should do:

1. Realize every champion loses and that is what makes them a champion

Manchester United loses, the Yankees lose, Bolt loses, Hamilton loses, Barcelona loses, Fury loses, Tiger loses, Serena loses; in fact every champion loses. Every champion loses and that is what makes them great, they lose they get up, and they are back for the next grand slam as in the case of Serena Williams for example. If Steffi Graff had listened to all the talk after she lost a match would she be the record setter she is today? When you are a champion you must always realize that every time you lose, it just means a new standard has been set.

2. Up the standard to another level

Ronda losing to Holly was a great thing for the sport as it created more options for the sport and for Ronda. Ronda needs to take the loss as a message that if she wants to continue in this sport then another standard has been set. Holly just happened to be another champion who is setting the standard for the next level and everyone else has to follow. In life it is the same, if the standard changes you have to change to meet the next level.

3. Define yourself and don’t be defined by the media

The media loves to coach teams in the newspapers and sometimes they literally select the national teams. Sometimes they go as far as defining what a person will do, but Ronda must not let the world define her next move. She must do what Ronda wants to do. If she wants to fight all the best, if she wants to do something new it’s ok, there is no problem with passing the torch.

4. Take the opportunity to further define your options

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson left WWE to pursue an acting career, and in the past few years he has had movie hit after hit. He has been doing great movies and has become more than just a wrestler. J Lo is more than just a singer, she acts, is into fashion, is an amazing dancer and does so much more. Ronda is at a place in her career where the world is literally at her bidding. She must take the opportunity and do what is best for Ronda, time is not forever but a legacy is for generations.

5. Don’t let up keep working hard and in shape

Every champion is a champion for a simple reason; they work hard and stay in shape. Ronda Rousey is no exception, she is a champion and she must do what champions do, stay fit and work hard. It is not the title that makes a champion it is the willingness to go beyond what everyone else will settle for. Ronda and Holly are champions, and every champion knows what it takes to stay on top.

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