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Do You, Don’t wait to be classified

Tags and labels are how society has organised everything else to make sense or to control what is around us. When you think of who you are what labels come to mind? Entrepreneur, lady, boy, doctor, lawyer and more are all different labels that we can assume as human beings.

Local Knowledge vs. Universal Knowledge

Who are you? Are you an existence of chance, a made up simulation of a concept or a creation of time? Many different answers can be offered however one fact remains, we function by knowledge which comes in different forms. Our knowledge can be as simple as knowing that fire

How to identify social media addiction

Being connected online is fun but can be a strong addiction of which if one is not careful it can take over their entire lives and fail to achieve much success. Addiction is when one has a compulsive need and behavior that renders them seemingly unable to function without that

Life is the sum of the experiences your create

Life is the sum of the experiences your create Ever wondered about that old age question, “What is life really about?” It is an old question with many old answers. Is life about love, money, power, victories, goals, friends, family and anything else in between or far from it? I have

Why a buried seed is a Regular Joe or Jane and a tree is a Super

A seed is the smallest of the idea, but represents potential which when you look at it, it is easy to dismiss as being inconsequential. Think about the ideas that you have had, no matter how much you see the vision of a million dollars or the big mansion or the beautiful travel that you will have, when you present the idea before people, all they will see is a small seed not the vision of the seed. So you can be seeing absolute success and be so convinced that it will work out, however people when they see you they just see a regular Jane trying to be a super Jane.

The Five Causes of Poverty

Poverty is a perpetuated system of lack which results in one not living according to a commonly acceptable standard. The definition of poverty today is the same as yesterday however the look of poverty today is not the same. In a largely agronomic society the look of poverty is a


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