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How to Grow a Business in 7 Ways

Business growth starts from the very first day that a business is set up. The product, process and people employed define how the business will grow. The wrong combination of different factors can make or break a business. When you start a business the objective is not only sustenance but

The Universe starts inside you

When we look at the stars we wonder on the huge expansion that is the blanket of stars, planets and other celestial bodies. We then feel small and imagine that everything is out there and spreads so much we are nothing more but an incident of life. Through our senses

Innovation versus Invention: Why Companies do not get the difference

Most companies are out there inventing products but doing the less of innovation, yet the success of a company lies in the ability to innovate. To understand why companies do invention more than innovate a series of questions must be answered. What is the Difference between Innovation and Invention Without rushing to

Do You, Don’t wait to be classified

Tags and labels are how society has organised everything else to make sense or to control what is around us. When you think of who you are what labels come to mind? Entrepreneur, lady, boy, doctor, lawyer and more are all different labels that we can assume as human beings.

Local Knowledge vs. Universal Knowledge

Who are you? Are you an existence of chance, a made up simulation of a concept or a creation of time? Many different answers can be offered however one fact remains, we function by knowledge which comes in different forms. Our knowledge can be as simple as knowing that fire

How to identify social media addiction

Being connected online is fun but can be a strong addiction of which if one is not careful it can take over their entire lives and fail to achieve much success. Addiction is when one has a compulsive need and behavior that renders them seemingly unable to function without that

Life is the sum of the experiences your create

Life is the sum of the experiences your create Ever wondered about that old age question, “What is life really about?” It is an old question with many old answers. Is life about love, money, power, victories, goals, friends, family and anything else in between or far from it? I have


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