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How to Handle a Job Interview from Hell in 5 Steps

Your success in getting a job can be threatened by an horrific interview panel you never expected. You might be confident but sometimes you walk into an interview where it seems the devil and his children are on the other side of the table. You would probably know this from

5 Things to Avoid in a New Job

Congratulations Jane, you just got a new job. It' s promising to be the best job that you have ever experienced in your life. So you are excited but don't rush, you have heard a fool and his money are soon parted, likewise a "A new employee might not last". 

7 Easy Tips for MBA students to Succeed

Doing a Masters in Business Administration is a big deal for most professionals. It is the pinnacle of their education but the different reasons for doing their MBAs are as various as the reasons for going to school. Sometimes you meet MBA students that finished their MBA but in the

7 Ways to improve work relationships

Relationships at the work place can be some of the most difficult if not natured appropriately. Animosity can exist between colleagues as well as between managers and employees which may never be fixed. 1. Respect Privacy time There is nothing as irritating as a boss who does not respect an employee’s private

Part 2, How to Conduct A successful meeting in 5 ways

A successful meeting has various elements which are important. In part 2 of this series we look at some of the softer elements that are required. 1. Balance the contributions For any meting to be successful all voices must be heard. No matter what your disposition is you need to let each


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