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How to Buy Online 101

If you want good deals and are looking to save money but at the same time be secure we have come up with a few tips on how to buy online. Whether you are looking for a good deal, a promotion or you want to save money there are universal

Money is a Tool, a Tool is as Good as the User

Money is a tool which is one of the things we do not understand about money. Instead of looking to use the tool we find ourselves becoming slaves to the tool. There are different characteristics of tools that we need to be aware of, of which money is. Tools can

One of these 5 things is stopping you from saving money

In our eBook "21 Ways to Save Money" we explore the 5 things that stop us from saving money. These are the main categories that we have noticed exist in most people. So most people will have one of these or more than one of these.  1. Lack of Commitment to ourselves Let

7 Secrets to Unlock your money brain

To make money you need to have the brain for it. There is a mind for making money and a mind for losing money or just staying at the same level in life. 7 secrets to unlock your money brain is looking at how you can start thinking like a

5 Steps to grow money on trees

Money does not grow on trees as the adage goes but when the wealthy seem to harvest it daily like a fruit tree for all seasons then when one could stand and argue that money grows on trees. How it grows on trees will depend on your understanding of what

Living within your means in 5 Don’ts

There is no point in driving a Benz when you can't afford to pay your house rent. It's easy to get lost in living outside your means and most of us do it for various reasons which are not really necessary. In time you lose a lot of money and


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