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How to Grow a Business in 7 Ways

Business growth starts from the very first day that a business is set up. The product, process and people employed define how the business will grow. The wrong combination of different factors can make or break a business. When you start a business the objective is not only sustenance but

Innovation versus Invention: Why Companies do not get the difference

Most companies are out there inventing products but doing the less of innovation, yet the success of a company lies in the ability to innovate. To understand why companies do invention more than innovate a series of questions must be answered. What is the Difference between Innovation and Invention Without rushing to

How to Use Facebook Pages for Business Marketing

Managing a Facebook Page is a good business practice in order to achieve some of the best marketing on the digital front. How to use Facebook Pages for Business is important for success. Facebook is not only a social place but is a big business market and pages are one of the critical ways to reach people.

5 Reasons why Buying Website Traffic in SEO can be a bad idea

You might thinking of buying website traffic to enhance your keywords, however this could be a bad idea for you. You need to think twice or else you will lose your hard earned money. SEO is hard work and scams are all over the place.

The Ten Characteristics of an Entrepreneur who is Successful

Not every entrepreneur becomes successful, however there are 10 characteristics that can be useful and one should learn and understand to be a successful entrepreneur. It is not just a one day job but takes different combinations of character.

Implementing your Revenue Speedometer in Business

What revenue is your business making or what are you projecting to make? Imagine that you make a plan to make 10,000 dollars in  month. As a business this would  be a sound projection enough to meet your projected costs such as rentals, advertising, communication and wages. When you make

How to market a Product like a Pro

There are literally millions of products out there and as a business choosing the right words to market your product is crucial in getting the right response. There are many students of marketing who still have not gotten it right. They are still lost in theory and not understanding the

Rules for Guest Blogging for any Post

Guest posts are welcome from other writers in order to share more knowledge on different subjects. It helps to have more than just one perspective to different subjects which can help lift not only the profile of the guest blogger but also of the website that is hosting. However to


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