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How to Rewire your Brain by Changing your Mind’s Focus

You have structured your brain to think in a specific way. Structure might sound like an odd word but as your brain goes it builds different connections between its neurons to structure your brain into a particular person. All these synaptic connections that occur between your neurons form the memories  and the information transmission mechanisms define what you are prepared to do in life or how you function. So imagine that your brain is always growing new synapse connections depending on what you are learning, or experiences that you are having. It never stops growing, you are the one who decides to stop growing to a rich experience.Your mind has the capacity for trillions of synaptic connections which can go on and on, but you limit them to your current belief systems which are either limiting or boxed to specific environments.

Different religions have created belief systems which in one way or the other have created brain structures in people to act in specific boxes, the same can be said to traditions, cultures, cults and education. They all create brain structures that have different connections which are the foundation for ones behavior or habits. So when you are thinking of how to be the best in something, your behavior of action is based on the structure of you brain that has been created by the mind.

When creating a super computer we try to get the best efficiency out of it. Like any system that is put in business we want to see the business have the lowest costs but with the highest returns. The questions then comes, when we look at the human being, what exactly are we capable of and what is the limitations. Because the human brain is capable of trillions of connections the greatest barrier is the belief system hidden in language and imagination. We program ourselves daily by what we say or do and what we internalize. The choice is ours as to what we can do. In other words, we construct a brain structure that is either limiting us or enabling us.

Access your mind to structure your Brain

Your mind is a universe full of possibility, whilst your brain is the structure that creates pathways for those possibilities. You can build your structure by how you access it. The most important thing is knowing what is the structure you are going for. What do you want to be, what do you need to own, where do you see yourself going in life? These are all important questions which one must be able to answer before choosing what structure they need.

Your imagination is like the builder of your brain structure. What you imagine creates synapse connections which become the pathways to enable you to achieve what you need. The success of of the most dominant nations on this planet was enabled by the road systems that they created; the movement of troops, goods, and people enabled the reaching out into the world and fostering world domination. So imagine that you want to transport millions of gallons of fuel across the country in a certain time, you will thus need a good road network. If you want to do it in 2 days you must ensure that all things needed such as permits and roads are in place. This is what your brain structure is all about, if the synapse connections do no exist the road system is not there and needs to be constructed. Why not plan in advance, get the road constructed early and all the planing putting in place for a smooth transportation system? This is where your imagination comes through, to construct the road system before the actual transportation happens. By the time you transport the millions of gallons, the road is ready and prepared.

Decide what you want to be and let your imagination go to work. Change your focus to structure your mind to what you really want to function as.Who you are is a function of what structure your brain is, and your brain is a function of the mind as built by your words and imagination.


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