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5 Reasons why Buying Website Traffic in SEO can be a bad idea

Success is not just about what you do it is what you must not do as well. You might start a website and believe that you are going to go far in blogging. However you need website traffic to be just enough for you to make a business of it. You might have tried every SEO trick in the book and finally you decide to buy traffic. Well there are plenty of issues with that and we want to give you the reasons why it can be a bad idea.

1. Bots in Website Traffic

The problem you will get in some sites such as fiverr is that people will send you bots. Think of an offer that says we will send you 1,000,000 visitors in one month. It sounds so tempting, but ask yourself, where is all the traffic coming from? What will a person do in one month in which the traffic gets to exactly 1 million visitors? This is usually a big bot alert, you don’t need this traffic. It will not last and will never create the level of engagement that you are looking for.

2. Traffic Exchange Programs

Then the next menace or program that you might do well to stay away from is the traffic exchange program. All they will do is ask people to open their browsers and a program will just be opening websites for every 10 seconds and you then think that you are getting visitors. No one does anything on your site, all hey do is leave their machine on overnight and boom, you check your site and you think you have lots of traffic.

3. You never Create Keywords for your Website

Think about it! If you buy traffic today which is usually fake or a scam, you might waste 6 months that you could have been creating amazing content for your website such that your page could have been ranking high in search algorithms. It is hard work getting your site ranked but if you do your SEO well you might just get more traffic than you anticipated. Blogging is  business plan that you need to sit down and think properly what you want to do and how you will do it. People buy quality and are drawn to quality, if the quality is not standing up to the right standard then well, your business will never flourish.

4. Website Redirects from Dead Links

So you have bought traffic and the website traffic that you are getting seems genuine yet it is just people who are lost who were searching for cars and they end up on a medical blog. Will they stay, naturally not unless if they found interest in it. Tricking people to your website might not be quality traffic after all. Dead links can be tempting but might never give you quality sales for your business.

5. Spam Comments which are Backlinks

So you are promised backlinks which will generate thousand of visits, but in real essence these are just spam comments where you web address is being dropped off and no one really every approves them or even gives them a second look.  On another tip google will just ignore them no point in putting up such. So as much as buying backlinks sounds like it is going to generate thousands of traffic, it never does with comments. When buying traffic this might just be what you are buying.

At the end of the day, sit down and write your business plan for your blog business. Know what you want to do and think like a CEO thinking of a long term strategy for website traffic. If you are selling a product this is where you need to plan for good quality traffic.

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