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5 Things we Learn from Strive Masiyiwa about success

Strive Masiyiwa is a multimillionaire business man who has emerged into a powerful telecommunications player in Africa over the past ten years.  His sustained success over the past ten years  is a classroom experience for future and current business person’s on how to be successful in business. We have selected 5 things that we can say we can learn from Strive over the years which anyone else can learn as well.

1. Stay true to your roots

Strive has maintained econet in Zimbabwe though he has had numerous enterprises in different countries such as Nigeria where there are more opportunities. There is always a temptation by business people to neglect what they would have built in order to pursue other things. Strive still maintains an active and highly competitive econet in Zimbabwe where his vast empire emanated from. Never abandon what made you great, its your foundation of success. If you have to, evolve it into something great but always keep it close by.

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2. Keep inventing to be relevant

Your success is the strength of your roots

Econet is known for its GSM network, but is also now known for ecocash as well.  However econet has  many products and services which keep the company relevant as a top player in Zimbabwe. Over time they have ensured that they are the big brother of telecommunications. On the other hand Strive has gone beyond just econet with other ventures as Liquid and Kwesesports which are all significant players in their own rights. If you want to stay in business then keep being relevant. People buy needs and relationships, if you are not relevant then there is no relationship that needs to be maintained.

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3. Don’t be limited by borders

Borders are a political and administrative requirements but not an economic limitation. Whilst other companies are satisfied with operating in Zimbabwe and not spreading beyond the borders, Strive has successfully established an empire which stretches beyond just Africa but is truly global in nature. Due to his enterprise being global he now sits on the same level with other major business people such as Richard Branson. If you truly want to be a success then don’t be limited by borders. Strive has appeared in Forbes and other international magazines as a highlight because he is no longer a local business but an international influence.

Success will lead you to sitting with people you only read about

4. Share your knowledge and keeping touch

Strive is consistent with his Facebook page in which he gives advice on business of which his page has over 1.2 million fans, as on the posting of this article.If you want to be a success then stay in touch with your clients and supporters. Don’t move into a presidential palace of economic wealth and close the door on the world. Business is the provision of solutions , it is also the sustenance of human networks that are valued. The more you keep in touch the more you stay visible.

5. Give back to the community

It’s not the bundle of money that you keep that matters, it’s the mount you give away that make you a wealthy person

Real success is not measured by its coffers but by how much it gives away. Bill Gates is famous for giving away billions of dollars which he continues to do so. Strive Masiyiwa through his many various foundations has continued to support different various communities to becoming self empowered and truly making a difference. Most people think that they are successful because they have amassed a lot of wealth yet real wealth is measured by how much you are willing to give away yearly, this is the standard of the truly rich.

There are more lessons to learn from the life of Strive Masiyiwa which we can write about, but we urge you follow his Facebook page for yourself and research on how he is building his empire.

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