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Business Promotions Work

The right marketing promotions can create customer loyalty and create success for business. Engaging the customer regularly can help you to identify the things that  customers are really interested in. Pick n Pay has been good with promotions lately in Zimbabwe. Not only did their sticker promotion get people coming into the shops but their promotion also got people buying more, which is key to a successful business.

A successful promotion taps into what a customer needs, wants and eventually what the customer demands. If your business has a need for success then try a promotion. We are not saying do discounts we are saying make one of your products or service something that customers can really want to buy. Simply saying to customers that that there is a house to be won may not increase your sales but being able to make customers excited about a product that they already have interest in, now that’s a great promotion.

Promotions are not as creative as they used to be in Zimbabwe.  It seems slashing a price off a service or product is all business knows to do. Half price on Tuesday is a great promotion but that is not all there is to promotions. The sticker loyalty promotions do not even need to slash price it plays on our excitement for collecting and buying.

When you are looking at your business what promotions are you into? As a client tells us what promotions you want to see being done in business such as banking, restaurants, salons, newspapers, hotels and any other business.


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