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4 Vital Apps to Organize Yourself in Business

For a business person or working professional there is a lot of things to keep up with and in this day and age there are different phone apps which are easily accessible away from the office to help any busy person have instant access to the office. We don’t know what apps you like but here are a few suggestions that we think will help. We are not looking at fancy apps but just simple apps to meet the most basic business needs for a business owner.

  1. Keep: Probably one of our favorite apps here on Unlocked Success, it just keeps (excuse the pan) you organized. The app is a google app and the best things come for free as they say. Why we like this app is simple. You can put your notes in and you can share the notes with a friend (provided the friend has a gmail account). So I can write a note on my Keep and the person I am sharing with, will immediately have the same note. So even if my phone packs up the notes will remain. It has a checklist functionality that allows one to cross out whatever one has done. Try it out and organize yourself to success.
  2. Google Calendar: This is at number two but is fantastic for the business person who needs to combine all their appointments and meetings into one place. The app will also include Facebook birthdays so you can never forget birthdays.
  3. Email: Not necessarily in the app section but as a business tool it is absolutely useful. It helps any business person to see their emails as they come in. Best of all you can reply immediately if it is urgent. How about synchronizing with the calendar that you have and also creating the notes that you have.
  4. Office App: Everyone needs an app that can read their documents as they receive them. This includes your pdf, doc, xls, ppt e.t.c. As a business person you must be ready to read important attachments and documents.

A combination of these apps and more can help you to stay in touch with your business needs. Other apps include

  • Calculators
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Zoho

Tell us your practical choices of apps that any business person needs on their phones.

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