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How to Use Facebook Pages for Business Marketing

Facebook is a powerful platform to grow business through a good marketing strategy that will ensure you engage more with your clients. A Facebook page can be a crowd puller so to say such that selling and buying online can be made easier for you. Create your Facebook and be ready to market to thousands if not millions of people.

Create the Facebook page business

To start with you need to create the Facebook page for your business that you are going to be using for marketing to your audience or your market so that your sales funnel can be implemented. There are a number of steps that you need to follow in order to create your Facebook page.

Step 1. Visit Facebook and Create your page

You get your options fro creating business or brand, community or Public Figure

Step 2: Name and Select your Business Name and Category

Step 3: Create Profile and Cover Picture

There are two steps to go through which require you to create profile picture as well as cover photo.

Step 4: Create your Username

Step 5:Add Your Description and any other Details

One of the most import tings to do is to add your details

Posting on Facebook and Getting Following

Digital Strategy

if you have decided to use Facebook for business marketing then we can pretty much conclude that you have a digital strategy. Your digital Strategy will basically spell out the things that you want to do. If you don’t know your objectives you might just be posting and boosting to people but  failing to achieve value. Here are my guidelines for posting on Facebook with regard to your marketing objectives

  1. Who are you targeting?
  2. Why are you targeting them?
  3. If they see your posts what do you want from them?
  4. When do you communicated with the people, in other words how many times do you communicated to them through your posts?
  5. If they are to engage with you, are you prepared to reply or provide them with service or information?
  6. Who is going to be communicating with the people that you want to target?
  7. Do you understand who you are targeting, or have you profiled them?

These are just some of the question you can be asking yourself before you post anything. The moment you post you are opening yourself to the whole world. Here is a summary of the things that you need to consider for your Facebook digital strategy.

Facebook Strategy for your company.


Marketing your Business

Now that you have a Facebook page you are thinking how to I become very effective in my Facebook Marketing. Your objectives may differ depending on who you are but in most cases they will probably fit into the following

  • I want a huge following
  • I want people to buy my products
  • I want to create an awareness for a cause
  • I want to bring a community together (Think of Facebook groups)

How you market your business is important so what are the things you can do

1. Promotion

Promotions are a good way to get people to know about your product or to get excited about what it is that you are about. Always take opportunities for running a promotion whenever you can. Promotions are not always linked ot a price drop but rather to a combination of things. Promotions can come in different forms such as the following


Where you take note of a specific holiday and the things that you then promote are related to that holiday. Think of Christmas, people sell things that are applicable to the holiday, many holidays then come to mind such as Easter, Thanks Giving, Martin Luther King, Presidents’s Holiday and many other holidays. You are not necessarily dropping prices but are taking an opportunity to sell things that are applicable on that day

Made Up day

Made up days are days that you create  that enable you to promote or sell many things. Some days though not necessarily made up but are an opportunity include things like Black Friday. These are days you find in your calendar of business that yu think you can celebrate or create enough attention to in order to create sales.

Sales Sell

A favorite of many people is the sales promotion. Nothing clears more products than a sale where people fell prices are low, but of course this depends on what you business is able to put on sale that people are interested in. The book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Dr Robert B. Cialdini is one read that you will find interesting. Sales do sell but timing and product pricing is important as well as the psychology of the business being offered.

2. Competition

Competitions are a sure way to get people involved if the value of the reward is good enough. There is no point in doing a competition if what people get in the end is something they would never appreciate. Competitions can vary from the following

  • Vote for the best
  • Enter a draw after buying
  • Product or Business quiz

3. Viral Shares

Perhaps one of the best to do and the most rewarding is if you can get a viral share going for your posts. If a post is created that people find very useful and important or funny they will share. There is no real magic formula to it but some things can be considered.

  • Educational information
  • Social comment
  • Social or Community cause

Paying Facebook

Once your page is up and running you will need a bit of help for exposure. Remember Facebook is a business as well as a market place. There are over 2 billion accounts hence you are competing on a true global stage. To get noticed it would be good to pay to boost your page or posts. Paying for boosting can sound tricky but it is not complicated. If you have done your digital strategy properly then it should be fairly easy.

Knowing your audience profile will help as can be shown in the steps below

Step 1: Start your Promotion

On your page click on promotions and the promotion page will come up with different options for you to use

Step 2: Selecting your Advert Audience, Amount and Goals

Your next step is in selecting different parameters

Choose your Button

Do you want people to shop, book, sing up, follow directions etc









Selecting your Audience

In selecting your audience there is a number of things that you must be able to put in place

  • Gender: Are you looking for men or women or both
  • Age: What age group are you targeting? Knowing your potential client’s age profile is also important for engagement.
  • Location: Where are they located? You can choose as many number of locations that you can.

Select interests

It is important that when you select your audience that you also select their interests so that you get the right type of people. Remember in this article we mentioned that you must be able to promote your products to the right people.

 Budget and Duration

Selecting your budget is very critical to be able to reach the number of people possible .Facebook will give you an estimate on the reach that you can get based on the audience profile that you have selected.


Once you have selected all the above you are ready to promote your business post or as Facebook calls it you are ready to boost your page.

In Summary

Running a Facebook page for business marketing is a lot of work but a lot of fun work. The challenge is to always t think of how interesting you want to be for your audience however if you are in the right business it will be as easy as pie. Having the right people running your page is important if you decide to hire someone else. You don’t want a person who has the “wrong language” in engaging your audience.

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