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Five Ways to Improve Workplace Relationships

In any department or company there is always that possibility that people will work in silos and not even communicate about the simple things.  Relationships end up becoming a drag and not much talking will happen such that the company loses money due to bad internal relationships. There are five ways we believe if you implement can improve your workplace relationships in no time at all.

1.Open Table Meetings

There is no better way than to get all things out in the open that just bringing everyone around the table (Remember King Arthur’s round table). When people never see each other face to face there is tendency to blame others who are not there. So when you can bring the team together and let them note the challenges that they are having it naturally helps to improve their relationships.

2. Insist on Team Problems

The tendency in the workplace is to blame someone whenever a problem or challenge occurs. What most people do not realize is that a problem in the workplace that affects processes or delivery of a service or product results in revenue loss which impacts on the company’s ability to perform. Employees or team mates need to learn that when a problem affects the whole department or company it is no longer an individual problem but becomes a team problem and hence must be treated as such.

3. Communication Training 

This may not seem like a very effective way to solve problems but this is an essential part of the top five ways to improve workplace relationships. Not everyone knows how to write emails, or how to do presentations, or how to plan for a team, hence sometimes relationships are messed up because of poor communication. There is no substitute for good communication  and its absence can easily lead to chaos in the workplace.

4.  Speak with Respect

Encourage the team to have respect for one another by being the one to lead on how it is done. Do not leave things to chance, hence the insisting on training.  Respect demands that we recognize each other in what we are capable of doing and what we are not. The more we respect one another the easier it becomes to communicate openly and confidently.

5. Fix the Bad Relationships

You do not need to interfere in most situations but where there are really bad relationships that affect the productivity of the workplace then one needs to step in. Some people may be having serious issues which require that they get time off so you need to work on it. In other cases you might need to be the peace maker so that misunderstandings are sorted.

So there you go , five ways to improve workplace relationships, there are other things that you can do which are helpful. Whatever you have we would be happy to hear from you.

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