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5 Tips to use Snapchat for Personal Branding

With over 100 million users, Snapchat is a force to take notice of. It is also a useful tool to use for spreading your brand and making people aware of what you do and who you are. What makes Snapchat so cool is that it appeals to the visual client or fan who wants an exciting video.

Tip 1: Be Natural

Nothing says fake more than fake it self. When you are  creating your snap, just be you, don’t overdo in trying to impress. Be yourself and get your snap on. There is no point in appearing so choreographed that it ruins the essence of the snap and everyone is trying to figure you out. Your brand is the value of your natural appearance.

Tip 2: Be Interesting

Dull is everywhere and unique is where you should be. If you are using Snapchat remember your post is not there for long but it should be there enough to make an impact. It must be interesting at the most. If people want to see dull they can stare at a rock for the same amount of time your Snapchat runs.

Tip 3: Be consistent

For you Snapchat to keep people interested there must be consistent engagement and posting. Snap on a regular basis to keep people interested on what you are up to. A brand only becomes real to people if there is a consistent communication by the brand ambassador. With your Snapchat you are the brand ambassador.

Tip 4: Be a bit professional

Be a bit professional about your video, not being a super producer but at least make sure its audible, visible and credible. Don’t muffle your words, or keep your video in the dark. Make sure that wherever you are the video is visible so that whoever is going to be looking at it does not have to strain themselves.

Tip 5: Be fun

Snapchat is all about having fun if  you want your branding to make sense. Interesting means people have something that takes their attention but fun takes their emotions. Let your videos be appealing to the people’s emotions, make it fun. If it is not fun then let it touch some level of emotion so that it can create a connection with your audience.

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