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Is Exposure Why Some People Become Millionaires?

Money money money money, the topic that makes people tense, happy, excited or just plain sad. Everyone needs money, after all you need it in our society with the way that we have designed how we interact and if you have a million dollars on you, the better it will be for you. Unfortunately not everyone can become a millionaire.  It just takes a bit more in most cases to realize that millionaire dream.

But can traveling, socializing, and experiencing new things make one into a millionaire? The answer to this perhaps is, “the more exposed you are the more you can see opportunities to make more money or in some cases save more money.”  If you have the tenacity or the audacity to take advantage of these opportunities you might just make a million dollars. One person can see a pile of rocks but a person who has seen more in the world might just see gravel for a building industry.

The more you see the world or different communities the more you will see what people actually need and what solutions they can have. Sometimes you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, all you may need to do is just copy what other people are doing in other countries and bang, you may just be a millionaire.

So in the end it may not be a bad idea to surf the internet more, talk to people from different backgrounds, and all that. Another side to it is that you might have a solution from your home area that you can implement in another country (think of those businesses that open in international territories).

Socializing though seeming tedious can be fun and it can be where you learn about people’s problems. Remember business is the provision of solutions. So is exposure the reason why some people become millionaires? ANSWER to this is a strong YES.

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