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Top 20 Quotes on Success from Unlocked Success Website

Here is your top 20 Quotes on Success from Unlocked Success Website

  1. Being delayed from getting what you want simply means you have more time to practice what you really need. (Success Tips from the Life of Jon Stewart)
  2. Decorated warriors still have to perform on the day of any battle, failing to do so can result in instant death.  (Jose Mourinho Sacked, 5 lessons we learnt)
  3. Never let you company age without any new products or any new business. Keep re-inventing and being relevant.  (Learning Strategy from Sir Alex Ferguson, 7 things we can learn)
  4. Details are like the mixture to any solution, if there is too little detail or too much of it you will miss the right mix of the solution (Solving life Problems Successfully Like a Stranded Martian, 5 ways)
  5. The person who would have broken your heart might just be getting on with their life while you are crying your eyes out (How to get over a broken heart)
  6. We are all entitled to having a bad day once in a while, but when that bad day becomes the nature of one’s character it becomes a drag to stay close to that (How to push away someone you love)
  7. You can never create a wining presentation until you are organized and prepared like a winner  (How to create a winning presentation)
  8. If your word cannot stand up to time then nothing that you build with your word can stand up to the test of life.  (Keeping your Word, Success Secret)
  9. If you are going to have strength of character then you must be patient with yourself first before you can be patient with everyone else.  (Developing a strength of character through 6 disciplines)
  10. Self control is not possible until you know yourself. (How can I achieve self control in four steps)
  11. When people look at what you produce they should see you signature all over it.  (How to become a brand in 8 steps)
  12. Don’t limit yourself to life tags when you can be more  (Unlocking your innovation genius in 5 simple ways)
  13. The greatest plan is hidden in the smallest detail. (Program your life for success)
  14. What + why=How, When and Who (3 steps to organize your life)
  15. Being a leader means taking time to open the door for others to enter (23 Words of Wisdom to Help you go through the day)
  16. Most people find it difficult to innovate because they can never elevate their thinking outside the box. When they are asked to think outside the box they think around the box and hence they are still defined by the box  (The 4 Laws of wealth solutions)
  17. Everyone who is anyone who wants to make money knows they need to keep themselves relevant. The more relevant you are the more people can relate with you and the more they will invest in your stock.  (5 habits of the rich and wealthy)
  18. A good definition of money is that money is just a belief of value expressed in numbers, which we then give a representation through paper and coins. If you want to be rich you need an idea which people believe is worth a certain number you propose. (The Key to Making Money)
  19. Productivity is what shows that a company is still alive. In the same way that we have a heart beat, a company has a productivity heart beat such that if it goes below a certain rate then there would be a lot of worrying.   (10 Things Every CEO Must Do To Succeed)
  20. Business is really the provision of a solution. A person who can provide a solution is the person who can sell an idea. There are many problems that exist in the world and one needs to simply identify the problems that they believe they can work with and be able to provide a solution for  (How to start business that works in three easy steps)


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