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Your mother’s 7 secrets to determination and success

There is no greater success and determination than giving birth and taking care of a child up to when the child becomes a grown up.  Every mother knows what it takes and the key secrets on how to stay up when everyone else is asleep, or how to keep a straight face when you are choking with tears inside. The world celebrates world women’s’ international day but sometimes the essence of it is lost in the fan fare  without understanding the strength of a mother.

1. Be prepared to step up

Being a mother changes everything from the body to the schedules, to the commitments. When called to motherhood there is no time to give an excuse that you cannot. When there is a baby crying in front of you, you have to step up. There can be no excuse not to step up, it is a matter of life.

2. Tears will come, and they will come again

There will be times when you will cry from happiness and there will be times that you will cry from pain. The fact of the matter is that tears will come and they will come again. There is no time to dwell on the tears when there is life at hand, you can only keep moving through the tears

3. You must multi task

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It is not a matter of when and how it is a fact that as a mother you must multi-task. In between the job, if you are a working professional; a wife, a girlfriend, a playmate for your children, a cook for the family, a cleaner, a woman, a person and a mum, you still must multi-task.

4. Time and time

If you are going to succeed then you must be able to get around time and know how to give the best that you can in the time and in all the time that you have. For each moment time is moving and the kids are growing, you must give the best that you can. It is taxing and tiring but when you are determined on achieving something then do it there and then.

5. Appreciation will not always come

No matter how determined or how much you achieve don’t always expect that appreciation will always come to you. You will be forgotten and neglected sometimes, but you must keep moving. When you are aiming for success you might be shot down often but a mother’s secret is simple, keep moving no matter the circumstances.

6. No time for embarrassment

A lot of people need to learn your mother’s secret to success and determination. It is not that your mother is not intelligent or that she is foolish, she just had no time for embarrassment. There will be days when the baby pukes on her clothes or the occasional embarrassing act by the kids as they play, there is no time for embarrassment, wipe it off and look at the bigger picture. If you are determined to succeed then get up and keep moving.

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7. The Outcome is bigger than the pain

Here is the biggest secret from your mother, the outcome of mother hood is bigger than the pain she experiences or experienced. You only need to look at yourself, the fact that you are alive that is the biggest outcome. Watching you grow and knowing that she has been there is the biggest joy she can have. When you think of success and the determination that is needed, just remember that the outcome is bigger than the pain.

If you truly want to succeed in life then look at the determination of mothers on the earth, we can learn 7 secrets and more to how to keep moving when it all does not make sense. No woman waits for approval to be a mother when they have their children they do it regardless.Woman's determination 1

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