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Building Confidence through self-awareness, 5 things to know

Lack of confidence can be caused by various factors which can include experience, failure, lack of money and other different reasons. Gaining confidence can take time and depending on the situation can be very difficult for some. Self awareness is important if one is going to build confidence over time.

  1. This is you and this is reality

No need to lie to yourself that you are this and that, or pretending to be someone whom you are not. Reality is when you appreciate who you are and what you are good at or not good at. So, if you are going to start working on your confidence then know a few things about yourself

  • Know what you really love
  • Understand what you don’t like
  • Know your own feelings
  • Appreciate your feelings
  • Come to terms with what you have not achieved before
  • Don’t beat yourself

The tendency is to talk about the past or what you don’t have which cements a greater lack of confidence. Coming to terms with your own strengths and weakness is not admitting defeat but being realistic.

  1. Pace yourself in things that you are not sure of

If you are not sure of yourself when you are undertaking any new or old activity then you need to pace yourself without being in too much of a rush. Remember the story of the tortoise and the rabbit that went on a race. Without any doubt the rabbit could have won the race seeing that the tortoise could never run at the same speed even if the rabbit was just jogging. However as the story goes the rabbit was over confident and the tortoise knew how to handle a situation which needed one to pace. When you are aware of your own self and reality then don’t go blasting off into anything and everything. Instead learn to pace yourself in time and sooner than you know you will gain more confidence in life.

  1. Practice behind the scene if you know your weaknesses and strengths

The greatest become the greatest because they create private experience before they indulge in public experience. Confidence is also built over time and experience, the more experience you get the more confident you become. Practice is another way of getting a level of experience. Before you speak to a large crowd, practice behind the scenes, it will help you to be more fluent and more solid. If you are not self aware it will be difficult to practice and improve on your strengths and weakness.

  1. Get a Coach and talk to yourself a little bit

Find a coach to help you when you know what you need to improve on. Don’t just go to anyone and everyone before you are self-aware of your own weakness and strengths. If you just go as you are and expect the other person to know what you need you might be coached in the wrong area and receive the wrong advice. Talk to yourself a little bit more. Ever seen how the best of the best psyche themselves up by murmuring a few things to themselves? Coach yourself as well; don’t leave yourself out there to dry, be your best cheerleader

  1. Look in the mirror often and get to love yourself also

Remind yourself on who you are and develop your personality and skills. Remember confidence is centered around what you feel, what you are capable of and eventually your experiences. So, start with your perception of yourself, don’t lie to yourself. If you are aware of the habits you don’t like then start changing them, if you are aware of how you want to dress then start working on that as well. Develop your skills and starting learning new things. Look in the mirror often and love yourself also. If you are going to develop yourself you must love yourself enough to be able to do it. If you have no appreciation of who you are, you might never have a stronger reason to be better and stronger.


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