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Developing a strength of character through 6 disciplines

A strong character is necessary for success in life. There are times that you will be tested by your friends, family or strangers. In those moments you need to be able to hold your peace as they say and move on. In other matters you might be tempted to do the wrong thing which if you were to do it would result in bad repercussions for you. A strong character is not however built in a day but it takes time and a deliberate decision needs to be made to be the best that you can be. By learning the following disciplines one can quickly develop their character.

1. Be your own person

Don’t be that person that everyone can sway to and from without you even thinking that you have other things to do. Have an opinion, have a voice and stand up for yourself. Be your own person that you can depend on.

2. Be patient with yourself

If you are going to have strength of character then you must be patient with yourself first before you can be patient with everyone else. You must be able to listen to your heart, your emotions, your hopes and desires so that you know how to pace yourself.

3. Look beyond the horizon

The most successful people look beyond what everyone can see. They see the objects beyond the obvious. A strong character is inspired by more than what they see before them, they are inspired and made resolute by what they can see beyond today.

4. Be slow to anger

A truly strong character has a good level of holding to their anger. Don’t be in rush to show people that you are capable of getting angry. You must be composed and willing to hear different stories so that you can make the right decision. A story is told of a boss who was so angry he told his employees to go put petrol into his car. He kept insisting that they should put petrol, and he never allowed the employees to speak. The employees went and put the petrol and came back walking. The boss, even more irate asked where the car was, the employees replied that they had put the petrol so the cars were not moving as the cars were supposed to use diesel.

5. Develop yourself

Don’t wait for things to happen before you can learn anything. Reading and observing are the best ways to learn without having to physical experience whatever it is that you need to learn. So develop your skills daily and read as much as you can. Observe from other people and learn from them in time you will start to behave in ways you never thought you would.

6. Serve

Serve where you can. The more you serve the more you build character. You can serve in many different ways; doing your house chores that you don’t normally have to do is one way, cooking for others, doing laundry for other people. All these and more can help you to build a very strong character which will be a marvel to most people.

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