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Five Zimbabwean Fears People Believe In

1.The Fear of Currency

Well say what you want but most Zimbabweans are sensitive about money and in this case they are sensitive about which currency they will use. So everyone knows when the rand falls or when the pula is strong.  Maybe it is a case of once bitten four times shy but then again no comment on this.

2. The Fear of Tomorrow’s Security

Now security of the job and security of livelihood is what concerns most people hence they will do whatever it takes to keep their job or fight the employer to keep their jobs.

3. The Fear of Social Rejection

In other words every Zimbabwean goes beyond their means to ensure that they show up at the remote funeral or at that wedding of the relative whom they don’t know. One of the dominant reasons for this “sacrifice” is so that when others see me they will also come to my funeral when I am dead or that they will come to my wedding or to my child’s wedding. On the other side people will belong to weird groups that have no value in their lives all because they want social acceptance.

4. The Fear of Witchcraft

Now it is no secret that most Zimbabweans have thought about this ten times (not once) in their lifetimes.  Whether this is genuine or not the fact is that it is still a factor in most people’s lives and is a subject of many rituals when kids are born,  or when a person dies and much more. How else do we explain stories that come out in other media?

5.  The Fear of Education

Everyone must go to school. How many Zimbabweans would accept that their child go for home school as opposed to regular education? So everyone must go to conventional education, how else can we explain the lack of success in other disciplines such as art.

Now we are not saying that these fears are not legitimate or that they should not be respected but in soul searching we want to find out which ones hold us ransom from developing.

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