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Shameful Indigenous Business Practice

It is great to be in business and making money. However, not everyone can become the next Apple or be the next IBM. So when doing business whether a corporate or small business there are a few practices that we must watch out for if we are going to be successful. So without much delay here are the practices which in our book are quite shameful

Shameful List

  1. After doing a repair or installation work you don’t return things to the state they were in or clean up:  How would you feel if  a person comes to fix your house, moves every piece of furniture around and before you know it your house is a mess. But you are ok with it whilst they are fixing what they came to fix because you need stuff installed or repaired. After the job is done the person leaves you with an invoice, a dirty house and just up and leaves. Now who would not fume after this?
  2. You demand payment before checking if your quality of product delivery is correct: How about the person has finished installing their stuff and instead of checking the quality of their work they start demanding payment.  I can name a lot of companies that do that, “Money before Customer Care”
  3. You deliver products that you don’t check you because you have no passion for your own products: People like this just act as if they are dumping their products on you. They have no idea what they are leaving with you they just leave it in your place.
  4. You have no idea what time it is when it comes to appointments:I am coming just now ” the person tells you and they show up two hours late. Your day is ruined, you are frustrated and still they don’t do a good job. Speechless!
  5. You don’t think beyond giving extra client care for you its all about the money: Here is that money thing again, where has the client care gone to,  does this not kill repeat business?
  6. You don’t see that there is an opportunity for future relationships so you demand the now and irritate us from wanting a future with you: Short sight with no vision for the future. Why would a client give you future business if they think you are in it just for the money. What about the client needs, their wants and their demands?
  7. You don’t apologize for small mistakes and think you are my God because you are providing me with a service: The alpha business man, the one who walks like the earth belongs to them and the client is treated like they  are just impostors that need to just pay for their existence. Hello, clients are human too!
  8. You don’t know the difference between my space and your space and you are rude: How about the business person who invades your bedroom, your living room, your family time when all they needed to do was fix your gate in the yard.
  9. You have no structure on delivery of your product , you constantly surprise us with new costs: This is the worst experience, the business person who likes to surprise you with costs that you never knew existed. Hands up if you have ever been in a situation like this with a builder.
  10. You have the nerve to think you will be given future work after going through the 9 above.
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