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Success is a program away, Brain vs Mind

Success is a program away. Most of the things we do, we do them because we learned how to do them or we were involved in one way or the other by someone or some situation.However success is a series of things that must be done that require methodology, risk taking and the desire for it. The mind and the brain are all involved.

The Brain

The brain is where all the calculations are occurring, it is where all the memories, communication between messages and everything else is happening. Think of the brain as the hardware where the software resides. The brain is always active in order to keep your body functional and your life real. So whatever state you are in when alive your brain is functional to keep you alive. It records everything as according to how it receives it.

Your brain is that tool at your disposal that enables you to function in a specific way. You program your brain by your behavior or by your habits. The more you practice the more your brain adopts its structure to meet the needs of the exercise. The plasticity of your brain is dependent on the practice of the brain.

Our minds

Think of our minds as what sits on top of our brains, the beliefs, the thoughts, perceptions, goals, relationships, interactions and basically the experiences. Our minds are not the products of the brain, rather the brains work rate for life decisions is the product of the mind. In time we become personalities which is basically a sum of the minds beliefs, values, desires and experiences. As you are living you are basically adding  to the mind. You filter what you can experience by what you believe in.

If the mind was likened to a software it would be a set of instructions sitting on a hardware which would be the brain. The software can be upgraded or downgraded. You choose by what you decide to internalize or believe in. We are ultimately a function of knowledge and beliefs. The knowledge that we accumulate helps to shape our belief system but our value system acts as the prefect to what we are willing to believe in. A person might know what they are capable of winning, but their value system might say that they should not participate in the stock exchange system.

A lot of people are limited by what they choose to believe. As we grow we are programmed in one way or the other by circumstances, situations, experiences, people, environments, laws and rules, such that we become what we choose to let become our programs. You still have a choice on what the sum of your mind will be, it is all up to you.

Program your Brain by Changing how your Mind functions.

Your imagination is the door way to your mind, and your mind is the key to your brain. The brain is prepared to do anything , but the mind limits it by its beliefs, values and perceptions. Unlocking success is not about unlocking the brain, it is about unlocking the mind. Only until the mind believes in greater things can success become easier. Our brains are tools at our disposal, but the drivers to these tools have become servants to limitation not linked to the brain. We struggle when we should flourish because we have set limitations in our beliefs and imaginations. Until we set our minds for success our brains will always be just low level functional tools.

Until one masters the “I” that is you, your life will always be an illusion of perception and assumption.

You struggle because you choose to struggle. Life is a choice hidden in imagination and perception. Your idea of life is a limitation based on your beliefs. Increase your expectations and your experience will become the value of your imagination. Set yourself free from the chains of the minds, become who you are meant to be. Don’t be fooled by the world with its classification of talents and possibilities. You are amazing and wonderfully created. Be the best that you can be today, unlock your mind, set your mind for success.¬†#unlockedsuccess

As you go in life you have a choice to upgrade or downgrade. Your imagination is key, it can become the practice ground for greater things. The more you imagine what you are capable of doing the easier you rewire your brain to allow you to achieve what you want to achieve. The easiest method to program your brain is through your imagination. What you imagine is what you become.

We learn by programming our brains, but to do that our minds must be willing to. Until your mind’s beliefs and set of values are geared towards thinking for success you will be a slave to the limitations of this world. There are no real limitations to the plasticity of your brain, you are the limitation by how you limit your mind. Decide today to be successful, change your habits and behaviors, and feed your mind with what you see yourself becoming and the brain will act as you tell it to. Colonize your brain to become the best that you can be.


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