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The Power of Words, The Secrets Unlocked

The power of words remains a secret for most people as they go on about their business in life doing whatever it is they do. The spoken word holds a power that few people actually appreciate and hence few can unlock success to its real potential. So whether it be written or spoken, words create or destroy, and most of the times we don’t understand how this work but let us go through the secret power of words.

The Power of Words

1. Self-Programming Instructions

Words are the connection between imagination and its revelation to reality. We think in pictures hence when one says “I am angry” we create the picture which in itself becomes a program instruction to the brain so that synapse connections which refer to anger are then fired up and hence you feel angry. To prove this to your self, try saying the following sentences following the instructions in brackets;

  1. “It is hopeless”
  2. “It is hopeless” (Say it whilst sighing)
  3. “It is hopeless” (Shake your head in agreement)

As you said these words you can feel the hopelessness even though there is really nothing hopeless around you. The first time you say the words you fire an instruction to your brain to access the associated energy associated with the word. Your brain finds it and transmits it your your body and mind. As you say it with a sigh you reinforce the energy of the negativity such that it becomes your reality, on the third time when you body is agreeing, you are now telling your body to act as such. The power of the words are such that they become a programming language that tells your brain to act in a certain way and to distribute your energy in a specif way. You are made of energy and your brain is structured to distribute energy according to the needs or the instructions sent to it.

Now imagine if you are saying the same negative words over and over in the day, all you are doing is reinforcing the same instruction to your body to feel in a specific way.

2. Programming others

The same way that you self-program is the same way that others can program you. When they keep going over and over with the same words around you and your hear these words, your brain picks up the words if you are not guarding against such. As you hear the words your brain fires the same synapse connections that distribute that energy associated with those words. This is when you start feeling all negative and sooner or later you pick up the vibe and you are also speaking the same words.

If you are surrounded by negative people and you never have time to pick yourself up with regards to your energy, people will constantly be programming you and you will never know it. Read positive things, listen to positive music, do things that you love, set your objectives in life and challenge yourself to get them, always be moving forward otherwise if you are not proactive you will be drowned in negative energy programmed in you. Remember negative words are all around you, on radio, newspapers, Television, Social Media and much more. The power of words is misunderstood and terrible things are unlocked daily and good things locked up by negative words.

3. Words are Energy

Words are energy, in the simplest form words are kinetic energy which when one speaks there is vibration that occurs in the atmosphere which is why we can hear each other. When a word is said, it is done by the creation of sound energy(just kinetic energy) as it hits the air particles which vibrate until our ear drums pick it up and it is transmitted as vibration energy which eventually reaches our brain such that the brain picks it up and decodes to the words that we understand. So from that very scientific fact, words are energy in vibration.

Now here is a secret not taught. The universe is made up of energy and we are all connected as energy. We will not get into the chaos theory or the butterfly effect in this article or into Einstein relativity theory however it is important to understand that everything is energy and affects each other. Your presence in a room makes a difference to the volume of the room, if you were locked in a room with 5 people, with no ventilation, the fact that there is six people in that room means that you will be affected  as oxygen is used up, and the rate of the oxygen being used up is affected by your presence.  What does this have to do with words, words are the transmission of imagination in a form of energy which are deposited into the universe which is made up of energy such that creation and destruction is made possible. We program the universe by imagination and we communicate to the universe through words which carry the programming instruction of the universe. Our words just like your presence in a room of 6 people have an impact on the room which is the universe. As you breathe you change the atmospheric composition over time and consequently there is a new atmosphere content. Your words are not just the expression of your imagination, but they are the transmission of your imagination in a coded format which the universe will also decode. What you think and what you say is encoded in your words such that when you let it out it is in the form of energy which the universe can decode, here lies the secret of faith.

In Summary

Words are power and we fail to understand just how powerful they are because we do not take time to understand how we function as humans and how the universe functions. The secret of words is released daily as it locks or unlocks certain circumstances in our lives. The power of words is available to everyone and anyone can use words, start selecting your words carefully today.



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