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What is Personal Development?

Personal development is the process of optimizing your human function such that you unlock your mind to capabilities that you have and develop a level of comfort in life. Until you can answer what is personal development you might be stuck in what it is not. We have capabilities in which it is clear that we are separate from chimpanzees, however they remained locked to mediocrity due to lack of personal development as we always opt for crowd development.

In pursuit of personal development, one will acquire skills, new knowledge and make new connections within themselves hence with others, however we tend to limit what we can achieve by not understanding what we need to unlock.

What is personal?

What is personal is what affects you as a person, which includes emotions, imagination, learning and belief. The ignorance of self knowledge is a hindrance to the development of the mind. When we are told who we are but never discover what we are, we limit ourselves to boundaries of the rules that have been put in place. Before one can endeavor into personal development first take hold of who you are. You can not achieve personal achievements when you do no own the dreams and the visions of what you are want to achieve.

Be in control of these four things; your emotions,  imagination, learning and beliefs, as these are the gateway to determining your ability to develop to the levels of self fulfillment. What is personal to you is determined by these fore mentioned things, if you are not in charge of these things then someone else will be in charge.

Development is a Process

Personal development is not a one day process but a continuous activity which requires constancy. Your mind must unlock it self from believing that there is an end to development. By our nature our  brains can learn anything when we put attention and training to it. Development when accepted as part of our lives can become a lifestyle in which we are always inquisitive and learning new things. Our imagination never stops it is always firing, it is us who put limits on what we belief and how much we can learn. Development should be a constant in our lives such that we move on a daily basis developing.

Why is Personal Development Important?

Personal development is important for the following reasons

a) Your standard of Life depends on your development

For you to be comfortable in life you need to be able to use the resources that are around you. This means having the right skills to be able to use these resources. If you cannot read you cannot do certain jobs that are in the world system of things. One must be relevant in order to be able to find comfort for the things that you need

b) Personal Development improves Relationships

We live in a society where we interact with different people at different levels. In our interaction there are skills we need to learn and knowledge that we need to have.  Sometimes personal development is all about what you know. A relationship can fail when two people are no longer moving at the same speed or vibration. The conversation can become boring or there is one who needs to slow themselves down to find common ground. If you are in the company of billionaires, the conversation can be about moving capital, resources, labor, technology  and general economics, but if you are not developing to the level where you can mix it up with other billionaires your relationships with others will be affected.

c) Your Satisfaction depends on your Personal Development

How much you develop as a person will affect your personal satisfaction in life. You would want to avoid always feeling like life is moving and that there is nothing more to add to it. Personal development enables you to keep your mind fresh with new routines and new discoveries in your life. Frustration creeps in when the mind is not developing and you start feeling left behind or insecure.

In the absence of regular personal development you hold on to old things and feel threatened by anything new, hence insecurity becomes a normality. This applies at work, relationships, business and much more.

Obstacles to Personal Development

a) Dependency Syndrome

Depending on a system or person for provision of life needs such that you as a person never really do anything of substance. There is a reason why it is better to give than to receive, the more you give the more develop your ability and creativity to create more.

b) Arrival Syndrome

When you think you have arrived in life you are most likely to stop learning or attempting anything new in life. If the arrival syndrome carries on for a long time it becomes a normality and you never try new things. You become a traditionalist whose culture is being static.

c) Victim Syndrome

Always thinking that the world is so unfair that you have no chance makes one stay rigid and never think of new thinks. If you believe that you are always a victim of life you will victimize yourself to  lack of progress. When you ground yourself by a label you will become a victim of time and lose relevancy.

When all is said and done, the biggest hindrance to personal development is self. The inability to get over ourselves can leave us dependent on other people to push us forward such that we never truly realize a good life or realize our potential. The moment we put boundaries in our minds that is the moment self development stops for us.


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