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4 things that prove that your mind has no limits

Without being complicated, your mind has no limits but most of the times we do not realize it because we work hard to create our own limitations. By our natural function there are four things that we do daily that show that we have no limits but because we are busy being limited we never realize it.

1. Learning- the ability to learn anything

Our education has placed classes and levels in which we progress from one end to the next however this does not need to be so. Most of the things that you take 4 years to learn you and I can learn in one year, and moreover, how many certifications can one amass in their life times. Besides education, our minds already learn without limits. When we travel we learn new things, when we meet new people we learn new things, when we drive we learn; we are forever learning new things daily but we just never think of it. No one comes to a point where their mind says, I have had enough today I will not attempt to remember anything. Learning as proved by science is just the synapses firing in a specific pattern which creates the brain experience.

When you read the newspaper or watch the news you are learning new things, listening to music or watching a movie, you are still learning a new thing. Your ability to experience new things creates a function of learning. Your mind truly has no learning limitations, we are the ones that can decide that we are not able to learn something but in truth if we Relax, Focus and have Self-Control we can learn anything.

2. Emotions- the ability to feel anything

Your emotions are the use of energy to achieve or simply create a state of mind. We are able to use our energy in this format to an extent which cannot be measured. Emotions can be so strong that people are willing to sacrifice themselves for what they believe in and also our emotions can be so strong that measurement is not possible with regard to how deep they go. Imagine having a Richter scale for peoples emotions, with such a scale we would be able to understand just how committed a person is, but even if one was to invent such a tool, it would still not be possible to measure just how deep or shallow emotions run.

Emotions create the connection between imagination and commitment, our level of commitment is reinforced by how deeply we feel about something. When not focused appropriately our emotions can create a disasters for us.

3. Imagination – the ability to create anything in our minds

As humans in our history of inventions or discovery, we started off with fire and now we are planning to go to Mars, we have radio waves, we have created pictures that move, cellphones, internet and much more on top of millions of inventions. You only need to go to Dubai to understand we can imagine and create anything we wish. We are now able to clone animals as well as human beings, we can forecast weather for weeks, we have split atoms and each year we seem to be discovering new inventions. Our imagination has already proved that it has no limits. Our greatest limits is believing that our minds have limits.

Everything around us is simply the manifestation of our imagination with no limits. We are our own limitations.

4. Belief – the ability to believe anything

Humans beings since the beginning of time have shown that they have the capacity to believe in anything and believe everything they choose. No greater power of this belief is evident than in worship, of which time and time again shows us to what extent people are willing to believe. From believing in God, gods, idols to superstars and patriotism, nationalism, socialism, economics, and money, we  create value by believing, hence we create power. The one thing that binds the modern society together is the common belief in money which is what makes the world system turn. In the absence of money which is the common belief, the world system collapses. Money is just paper but the belief in money is what we actually trade.

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