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7 Things to fight for which were fought for in war

Wars have been fought for many different things. There are 7 things to fight for that people fought for in history. These are things are very important to you and most of society. We have listed these below but not in any particular order.

1.     Being able to Progress in life

There is always a need to progress in life and be better than what you are. We all have the need to improve in one area or another. Wars have been fought over the right to progress, to do things which would improve society at large. Think of the dark ages, in the absence of progress many horrendous acts were committed which were all in the hope of stopping progress. In your life you need to know what to fight for and progress is one of the big things to fight for.

2.     Security of your well being

No one wants to be hurt by anything, we all want security, to be able to sleep knowing that no one will kill us whilst we sleep. It is an essential element of our lives to be able to feel secure and be secure. Think of the different straits that have been fought for, small pieces of land that guarantee countries or societies some form of security for the people.

3.     The Love of your life

If you ever watched the movie Troy you could see how love between two people can seemingly start a war. Though there were other underlying political reasons the love affair was an adequate trigger to start a war. When you really love someone this can be the only reason you need to fight for them.

4.     Food, Water and Sustenance

There is no human being who can survive without food and water; this is a very obvious fact. When a society is threatened in which their source of food or water is the subject of the threat, then war is a sure thing. So food and water are definitely something to fight for.

5.     Change of life and Opportunity that comes with it

This may seem like progress but this is a bit more emphatic. We all want to change our lives in one aspect or the other. If change is the only constant as they say, it is therefore a necessity in all our lives. Once in a while we come to a realization that we need to change, when that is not available to us we have no choice but to fight.

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6.     Peace of mind

No one likes stress, we all want to be able to relax and just be us. Peace is probably one of the most important things to fight for. It is an absolute necessity and for this a fight is necessary.

7.     Freedom to be yourself

Every country has fought for freedom at one point in time. Some fights could have been about slavery, colonial reasons, oppression, discrimination and many other things that do not promote freedom but in the end freedom has always been a very important reason to go to war. In your life you probably have had to fight for your freedom as well.

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